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I got a bulgur/tomato/feta risotto recipe off the web and it is DELICIOUS. After making it, I tried many other bulgur risottos and they are just as yummy. I also use it as a base for some veggie bakes, mixed with tomato paste and a little soy sauce. Instead of a crust for tomato pie, for example. Yum!

Super Quick Meals: Try Recipes with Bulgur Wheat!
9/11/10 01:50 PM

When we brought home our rescued Pit, the first thing she did was dash excitedly for the couch and jump onto it. We said NO and shooed her off and she has never broken the rule. She has 2 or 3 comfy beds to choose from, and seems happy with them. Occasionally, she will get so snuggly that she creeps onto a lap on the couch, but never ever have we found evidence of her sneaking on there when we're out. She is also not allowed upstairs into the bedrooms, which we thought was only fair to our 2 cats who had never met a dog. She respects the stairs rule very well, too. Visits to grandma's in Vt is a whole 'nother set of rules - bed snuggling welcome, and she loves it!

How Do You Keep Your Dog Off The Sofa? | Apartment Therapy DC
5/22/10 07:38 AM

I went for the 2 in one composter and tea maker. It's a round (black or green) thing on a base which collects the "tea". We've had it for a couple of years now and I really like it. No critters get in (even the dog, and believe me, she tries), and it does make compost pretty quickly. My mom is an old school composter, with a huge uncovered pile, so I was unaware of the supposed miracles of "tea". But it's easy to make and seems to be good fertilizer. The container is well designed and easy to turn even when it's full. A thumbs up. Live in Brooklyn, with a pretty small backyard.

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3/13/10 02:35 PM