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Enough about weddings, please, AT! There are a zillion wedding rabbit-holes out there, that do it both better and with more conviction than you do. While sparing those of us who aren't planning a wedding (99+% of the population at any given moment, I'd wager!).

Design Inspiration: Non-Traditional Backdrops for DIY Weddings
6/25/13 06:26 PM

@archdarling: the way I get over the "icky thing in the washer!" is this -- do I think my washer actually cleans the things I put in it? If not...why do I bother using it? Everything except anything with sewage or dog feces goes in -- those exceptions get the rags/towels I'm about to throw away because they're more hole than rag, and if I don't have any of those, then recycled paper towels. At some point, you just have to have faith in your washer. :) Use vinegar and be not afraid!

10 Resolutions from Eco-Minded Readers
1/12/12 09:49 PM

@vintagehoney: may I ask why? I have closed cabinets, and if it's been awhile since I've used something, I do LOOK at it, but why "always" "rinse" things that are in closed cupboards? That sounds like a lot of wasted water to me.

Organization Inspiration: 10 Neat & Beautiful Kitchens
1/11/12 03:49 AM

My best tip (other than "just try it, dork -- you can always go back to the dryer if you don't like it!") for people who are nervous about stiffness and wrinkles when thinking about going line-dry: you can throw things in the dryer for 5-10 minutes to get rid of wrinkles, then line-dry the rest of the way. Cuts way down energy use and wear and tear and eliminates need for ironing.

10 Ways to Save Energy in the Laundry Room
1/10/12 09:32 PM

Unrelated to the actual topic: I am really not digging the Ohdeedoh in my AT. I don't have kids and I don't care about nursery decor, dagnabbit! :)

Using Scale To Make A Statement
1/10/12 09:28 PM

@hazelstone: cosign. It looks like every other kitchen redo these days, and how exactly does it fit into a 1950s bungalow? I will never understand why people buy homes that aren't what they want, then try to force them to be something else. (I guess for the same reason people get involved with other people, hoping that they'll change. :) Don't do it!)

I feel like this white cabinets, modern stainless hardware, dark counters, stainless appliances, and dark hardwoods thing is the new granite/cherry/stainless thing. It all looks the same, dates quickly, and shows very little originality.

Before & After: Modernizing a 1950's Bungalow Kitchen
Lemons, Avocados and the Bay

1/8/12 06:06 PM

@LeahH: yup. Set it [at 60] and forget it! Works every time, every year, no bells/whistles required.

When Do You Decide to Turn on the Heat?
10/9/11 07:53 PM

Tackeh! It's a Snuggie/futon/dogbed/beanbag/ugly-couch hybrid. Nice for a "man cave," but really, AT? Hee.

Moody Nest: A Couch for All Moods
10/9/11 07:45 PM

Hmm. On one hand, neat. On the other hand, I'm not a fan of blithely co-opting the language of people with visual impairments for home decor funsies. This wouldn't be okay if Micki were tossing around "African" "artifact" knockoffs/whatever from Pier One, would it?

Before & After: Micki's "Secrets" in Braille Headboard
10/9/11 07:41 PM

This? This makes up for all the tours with omitted or rudimentary floor plans. Hee! Nicely done.

Cathy's Maximized New York City Kitchen
7/24/11 12:18 AM

Wow, that before was horrendous. Love what you did with it!

Brenna's Cheerful, Efficient Cottage Kitchen
7/24/11 12:04 AM

@ny2midmo: because it's petty and selfish, as though sharing a recipe, thereby creating more pleasure in the world, takes something away from YOU. It's not a zero-sum game, a competition for a gold medal, a scholarship, or a job, and holding something good back is just...well. If you don't know why it's on the nasty side, I can't explain it to you. I will say that no, I don't want friends like that. I like to associate with kind, generous people, and people who jealously hoard their special recipes are neither.

Do You Have Any Secret Recipes?
7/8/11 01:48 PM

@secret agent girl: cosign. Throwing in some non-airbnb options would have at least added a little non-endorsement window-dressing, but...this pings my "okay, this is a sales pitch, please go sell somebody else" radar.

10 Getaways Under $200 a Night
7/7/11 04:15 PM

I would SO do spring or fall. And I'm an indoor girl, so the yurt is apparently just house-y enough for me. Love. (Unfortunately, currently dwelling in Oklahoma, I don't suspect that there's a yurt to be had for many, many hundreds of miles.)

Teepees, Tents and Yurts: 9 U.S. Getaways
7/7/11 04:12 PM

Ah, America, where the license plates should include the phrase "the human body is scandalous! SCANDALOUS, WE SAY!"

Harry & Miriam's Artistic Creative Spaces
7/7/11 11:07 AM

2 gives me HIVES.

Masterfully Monochromatic: Red, White & Blue Rooms
7/7/11 09:55 AM

@thorndale: have beach shoes and not-beach shoes. Beach shoes will be sandy. Beach shoes should be sandy. The rightness of sandy beach shoes is undeniable.

Or a good whack-and-vacuum (the shoe version of slap and tickle).

One Simple Trick: How To Keep Sand Out of the House
7/7/11 09:20 AM

@Kate The Great: right there with ya, sister. My ex had a largely featureless bachelor bedroom decorated only with random flags, all butted up against the ceiling and each other. It was atrocious-looking. A single flag, yes, but only if done well. Most, in my experience, are decidedly not.

Am also done with the American obsession with a particular kind of patriotism (loud and combative and unwaveringly supportive of the laughable fiction that nothing the U.S. has ever done has been anything less than totally right and awesome). This may be related to my time at Bass Pro Shops corporate headquarters, where, at the behest of the good ol' boy owner, Christmas decorations were not red, white, and green, but red, white, and blue. There is nuthin', y'all, that cannot or should not be covered in those three colors, amirite? It's enough to put you off an otherwise lovely holiday.

Instantly Interesting: Flags as Wall Art
7/7/11 09:16 AM

Oh, and @frass: just one night? Try a month. I lived in Springfield, Missouri for three years, and "the Fourth of July" lasts from mid-June to roundabout July 10. Dear rednecks, your particular brand of patriotism? DO NOT WANT.

However, none of them ever cleaned up any of the messes, so this article is a step in the right direction!

The Day After: Removing Fireworks Stains from Concrete
7/7/11 09:06 AM

Power washers and bleach? Dude, try a little soap and a tile-and-grout brush before you pull out the eco-unfriendly guns.

The Day After: Removing Fireworks Stains from Concrete
7/7/11 09:04 AM