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# A separate restroom, for the litterbox. Haaaaaaate that our cat always poops when I'm in the shower or brushing my teeth.
# An apartment in a calm neighbourhood.
# Big windows & space.

... Or a houseboat.

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6/14/12 06:52 PM

It's total cruelty and vandalism and it doesn't even look good.
I hope the sansui survived.

DIY Record Player Coat Rack IKEA Hackers
4/15/12 04:16 PM

You can put the kind of laminate over it, that you don't have to glue ('click' laminate?).
It's easy to remove and doesn't harm the crappet.. eh carpet.

Can I Decorate Around Omnipresent Emerald Green Carpet?
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10/18/11 03:06 PM

Maybee a low shelf as divider at the footend of the bed & two or three beanbags for the sitting area? They are less massive than a big sofa.

How To Make Use Of Large Bedroom?
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7/25/11 06:48 PM

You seem to have at least two side tables.
An aditional big coffee table could be too much and take away the openness. I'd leave it just as it is.

Breaking the Rules: Forgoing The Coffee Table
7/25/11 06:44 PM

Maybe that's the thing: you dream more of & make cooler plans for real special occasions.

Most of my friends here in Germany use about 2/3 of their plentiful long vacation to do all the unfunny things (garden , house repairs , ...) they didn't manage to do all over the years :(

A Short History of Getting Away from It All
7/13/11 08:36 AM

I bought an innovation couch / sleeper last month. it's comfortable.
and it cost less than 1k.

They Actually Exist! Truly Comfortable Sleeper Sofas
6/23/11 08:08 PM

kind of love shack / bordello style

Sunken Tubs: Retro Chic or Dated Disasters?
5/23/11 09:09 PM

I love Carls Special

and Schlenkerla it tastes like roasted BACON!

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2/16/11 09:45 PM

Ps. If I were free to choose, I'd live in 600 sf of my own. Or 900 for the two of us + cat. (Maybe after graduation...)

How Much Square Footage Do You Require?
8/27/10 05:35 AM

I agree with several posters before: the impression how big an apartment seems to be depends not only on the square feet but mostly on the layout.

I still miss our <600 sf space under the roof, it felt much bigger - and more 'open' - than our actual 640 sf.

How Much Square Footage Do You Require?
8/27/10 05:32 AM

We had a nice massive shelf in the corner next to the door in our old bathroom. We simply bought a big squared littlerbox that exactly fit under/in it. So the box was shielded from three sides.

In our new apartment we simply put the litter box under the bathroom sink. Not beautiful but the only free space left for it.

Hiding the Litter Box In a Closet | Apartment Therapy DC
6/11/10 07:19 AM

I am a planner, discarder and prepacker - in theory. But since my last 5 moves were with my long term partner, they grew more and more unorganised. Chaos is spreading ;)

What Does Your Moving Style Say About You? | Apartment Therapy DC
6/7/10 06:50 PM

Although I personally can't stand pink, this is not about hate.

I just can't accept the social color of little princesses, barbie and quite every other piece of plastic junk ever made for female children as a manly color. - Especially considering a post that mentions cojones.

@donkey: nope, i think all people are mostly red/pink on the inside. ;) So it may pass as the color of intestines?

Well Hung Men Inside Man | Apartment Therapy New York
5/21/10 02:46 PM

In my opinion - pink is NOT keeping your cojones.

Well Hung Men Inside Man | Apartment Therapy New York
5/20/10 06:19 PM

Buy cheese and throw a party !

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8/5/09 09:27 PM

For those of you who speak german / the sardic language
a nice film about the casu marzu ;)

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | 5 Exotic Foods We Want To Try (Plus 5 We Really Don't)
8/5/09 09:23 PM

funy, but way to expensive.
i wonder if they're at least comfy...

Apartment Therapy DC | Hot or Not? Outdoor Stacking Furniture from Jensen-Lewis
7/24/09 11:53 AM

Nowadays I store screws and nails in them at my shelf in the garage.
Besides I think there's nothing wrong with drinking from old jars - we did that when I was a kid.

Apartment Therapy DC | Don't Throw Out That Jar! New Uses for Old Jars
6/21/09 05:11 AM

# Love your apartment - the green rocks!
# coffee table:
I don't know wheather you are into d.i.y. but two polished up pieces of a treetrunk would make it look a little bit
Or simply the elliptic e1 coffee table from Peter Boy Design if you totally want to go on with the black&white style.

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6/21/09 04:44 AM