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Oh wow, those dahlias in the last photo look familiar. Oh wow, that kitchen window looks familiar. Oh, that's because those are my dahlias, from my garden, in my Vermont kitchen window, in a photo I took and posted on my blog {LOL, what a funny surprise to see it posted here}! I love to grow them every year --just for cutting-- in my kitchen garden.
I love the second photo from Saipua - it's beautiful.

Dahlias: From Garden to Vase
Garden Party

8/7/10 05:56 PM

Divine. Simply Divine. Thank you, (Liz?) the Goddess of Cool Intoxication.

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6/17/10 04:52 PM

Well, usually I just visit and enjoy, but this made me register to comment ! Ana is an amazing resource, and I think we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. I can't believe how much she's given, in such a short period of time. Prost!
xo Michaela

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3/12/10 05:04 PM