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KNIVES: Absolutely right. Buy three good knives and a honing steel.

Keep 'em sharp. They're all you need.

Don't Fall for It: 5 Things You Really DON'T Need At Home
7/12/14 11:48 AM

Is this how you enter? How...opaque.

Win: A Customized Chair from Joybird Giveaway
6/30/14 05:43 PM

You can make a really nice sorbet with a food processor. Combine the ingredients except for alcohol-bearing ones and freeze in a shallow container. Once frozen, pop out on a cutting board and cut into pieces, oh, an inch square. Process in the food processor until the texture is like a milk shake. You may need to stop and use a spatula and/or you may need to do two batches, depending on your food processor size. Add the freezer-cold alcohol at the end, return to the container and freeze until serving.

Another "recipe": Two parts fresh pineapple, one part simple syrup, and two ounces of dark rum. YUM!

The 3-Ingredient Boozy Dessert You Need This Summer Delicious Links
6/4/14 09:31 AM

Adding a little teeny-tiny bit of acid can help. The usual suspect is cream of tartar but a couple drops of lemon juice will work too.

Good luck.

It really shouldn't be this hard. Do you have a witch mad at you?

Why Won't My Egg Whites Whip? Good Questions
4/28/14 10:07 AM

Here's my approach.

For each over-ripe banana, thoroughly mashed, add

some drops of lemon juice
some drops of good vanilla extract
one egg
one heaping soup spoon of self-rising flour

If you have left-over batter, fry it, freeze the pancakes on parchment paper, when frozen transfer to a sealed plastic bag, toast in the toaster oven on another day. The reheated pancakes will be a little crisp on the outside which is, in some ways, even better than the fresh ones.

Steven Soria's 5 Tips for the Very Best Banana Pancakes Kitchen Tour
4/24/14 08:59 AM

I only found about this about a year ago. Use corn cobs and the husks to make a quick corn stock. (Cut up the cobs some.) Adds great flavor to corn chowder but is also a good vegie stock for other soups.

I was surprised by the sweet corn smell that arose from the simmering corn cob stock.

Waste Not! Five Delicious Uses for Common Kitchen Scraps
4/14/14 09:49 AM

The main thing is to make a dish you're comfortable making and serving so you can have jitters about things other than food.

On special occasions I like to do something that does not take a lot of last minute work while company is present. But that covers a wide range: a big roast, a casserole, in the right time of year something cold, like a poached salmon with veg salads on the side.

You can always buy a dessert. But mixed fresh fruit is always beautiful, done in advance, and a pleasure to eat after a full meal. Or a platter of fruit and cheese with bread and crackers, to be passed and folks can eat as much or as little as they care to have.

My Husband's Boss Is Coming to Dinner! What Should We Make? Good Questions
4/9/14 10:40 AM

Parchment really works well. I use it, too, for pizza on a pizza stone. No fuss. No stretching and sticking. No cheese falling off the back of the pizza stone and burning on the oven floor.

Use parchment paper for everything you bake. It adds no fat. It never sticks. It may brown around the edges but doesn't burn.

How Do I Keep Shaped Bread Dough from Sticking to the Countertop? Good Questions
3/31/14 09:34 AM

Great tips. Here's mine. I REALLY like using binder clips in my kitchen. They're great for reclosing plastic bags of food, for room temperature or freezer. Bread. Potato chips. Pasta. Frozen peas. Binder clips come in a number of sizes and are cheap (at an office supply store).

And two of them will ensure that your plastic garbage bag never sinks into the garbage can.

And they're useful in your office, too, of course. My partner uses a big one as a bookmark: clumsy looking but it never falls out.

Why Didn't We Think Of That? 18 Genius Kitchen Organizing Tips From Our Readers Reader Intelligence Report
2/27/14 09:43 AM

Often, a recipe in the Wednesday NY Times Dining section will interest me and I'll cook it the next weekend. So, Friday night, we had the pork and rice noodles recipe from last Wednesday...excellent. Tonight, Saturday, we're having the Asian chili.

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of February 8-9, 2014
2/8/14 09:57 AM

Oh, one more thing. A little tomato water left in your pasta is not a mortal sin.

How Can I Make Thicker Tomato Sauce? Good Questions
1/11/14 10:20 AM

Yes to tomato paste BUT you must cook the paste in some oil. You can clear a little area in the onions, garlic, etc., add a spurt of olive oil and cook the paste. It will darken in color and the flavor will be richer. (You would think tomato paste was cooked to reduce the tomatoes to a paste, but it is cooked in a partial vacuum, accelerating evaporation, and holding down the temperature.)

This will be heresy to many, but I also sometimes cook a spoon of flour at the end of the onion cooking. Just a little starch will emulsify the sauce and will not affect taste.

How Can I Make Thicker Tomato Sauce? Good Questions
1/11/14 10:18 AM

I make granola with quick oatmeal; never tried instant. I follow generally the Mark Bittman recipe which has no added oil. I bake it for the full 30 minutes. My partner prefers quick to regular; he finds the regular sticks in his throat.

Not the answer to your question but the best I could do.

I would suggest looking at the ingredients to see if there is already sugar, etc. and try a packet or two.

Can I Use Instant Oatmeal to Make Granola? Good Questions
11/18/13 09:51 AM

This is a more elaborated egg-and-dart than was most common in classical revival. The more common molding is seen in this casting from the Exchange building in Memphis.

My GUESS would be that your molding is a Victorian elaboration of the classical.

What Style is this Crown Molding? Good Questions
9/4/13 10:00 AM

As an adult, I drank a lot of Diet Coke with sandwiches, hamburgers...informal meals. For no good reason, I started drinking water and found that it made the food taste better. Diet Coke is so strongly flavored that it swamped whatever else I was eating.

Now with dinner, it is wine. But most of the other times, water.

Water with Meals: A Page From My European Husband's Book
8/26/13 01:42 PM

Urgh. Should have proof read more. Two "use"s and "stobe" for "stove." Sorry.

The 3 Best Ways to Peel a Tomato Tips from The Kitchn
8/22/13 11:05 AM

Do you have an electric tea kettle? When I want to peel three or fewer tomatoes or peaches, I put on the kettle and place the fruit in a bowl, the bowl in the sink. Fill the bowl with the boiling water, set timer for one minute, and when it expires, use cool faucet water to cool the fruit. Peel. You can emply the bowl and use use it to collect the peeled fruit. Only one dish to wash!

It's the poaching method, but the tea kettle heats water more quickly than a pot on the stobe and working with the bowl in the sink makes the cooling step easy.

The 3 Best Ways to Peel a Tomato Tips from The Kitchn
8/22/13 11:05 AM

I saw some TV cook do it a different way and it is so easy that now it is the only way I strip corn. Lay the corn on its side on a cutting board. After the first cut, you've got a nice safe flat side for each successive cut. Virtually no fly away kernels. And no extra equipment.

Smart Tip: Get Corn Off the Cob Using a Bundt Pan Saveur
8/20/13 04:02 PM

Totally different idea BUT last night, making dinner for friends, I had a blast from the past: tomato aspic, from a recipe in the old Joy of Cooking, starting from fresh tomatoes, not canned tomato juice. A great start to a summer meal.

It's always fun to rediscover a forgotten classic.

Savory Tarts and Pies: My Favorite Way to Celebrate Summer Tomatoes
8/12/13 02:44 PM

Also, stainless steel will develop a patina of small random scratches over time and this is correct and normal. It's a little like when you first polish some silver and it looks like you've done something wrong. It's not perfect like it is from a buffer. Over time, the little scratches of well-loved, often-used, and well-polished silver make a patina that is JUST right.

What's the Best Way to Clean My Stainless Steel Sink? Good Questions
7/4/13 01:09 PM