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I am going to put one by the door to collect the mail, with some hooks below for keys. My studio doesn't have enough space for an entry table.

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2/17/14 02:37 PM

Um, if you are in California I am pretty sure that it is illegal to buy/sell a ferret here... You would have to go out of state...
I have also heard that they don't do well with children (if you have/plan on having any or have kids that visit).

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4/13/10 04:35 PM

I really like the grey paint

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4/13/10 04:22 PM

I like the idea of the hooks under the shelves. We have a kitchen with hardly any storage space, and we just bought some shelving. This should help get the most out of those shelves! Thanks for the inspiration!

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3/17/10 03:18 PM

You can find glasses similar to the Victorian Tumbler above at Anthropologie - I use one for my toothbrush. I like that you can buy them individually rather than in a set...

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3/11/10 04:20 PM