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you're bound to find something at one of those!!

Also--check out local lighting resources where you can see the fixtures in person. Maybe something vintage or throwback would be to your taste. Happy shopping!

Suggestions For Wall Sconce?
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3/7/11 01:23 PM

This may sound nerdy but I shop all year long. I constantly send myself emails of ideas I have even in the middle of spring. This way, when it gets closer, I have not only an idea but something really special. I don't have any kids of my own but I have a brother and sister who are 5 and 7 so shopping for them is really fun. I also shop for family and friend and not always the same ones every year. Even if someone isn't going to get something for me I always consider my friends around the holidays. My boyfriend is probably the toughest because I have too many ideas! I always love a good surprise, something handmade, and accomplishing all of that on a small budget can be tough. Etsy.com, Thinkgeek.com and Uncrate.com are great options for him and my other male friends in my opinion. I agree that I wait til two weeks or so before to start my wrapping. I like to do it with classic Holiday music on and I HATE that it comes on earlier and earlier each year!

Where Do You Stand on Holiday Shopping?

11/3/10 01:09 PM

Give em' a coat of high gloss black and change out the hardware. If you're really adventurous you could try to re-veneer them altogether.

How to Give Doors a Modern Makeover?
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9/30/10 01:15 PM

Completely in love.

Jonnie's Junk Chic Tech Tour | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
7/16/10 12:16 PM

First and foremost: Definitely DO NOT USE BLACK!!!! This will look dirty and will show every bit of imperfection. It will also look really cheap and decrease potential resale value. Go too gray and it will also look like your grout was once white but is dirty.
I completely disagree with anyone telling you NOT to use white. Although it doesn't need to be the whitest white, it should DEFINITELY be white. You should always try to go one shade lighter or darker, depending on the tile and the millwork, countertops, etc.. I would say try "44 Bright White" or "18 Sauterne" by Laticrete or "00 White" or "38 Avalanche" by Mapei. Good luck!

What Color Grout with New Counters Tile? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
7/8/10 12:04 PM


So--we have this exact same situation at our house. Our solution cost about $8 at Ikea and we get compliments on it everytime someone new comes over!

We took the wall mount pole (shown here http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/70022782 ) and mounted it upside down on the top of the opening, bought a pack of "S" hooks and hung out pots and pans from it. I'm at work now or I'd take a picture for you. But if I remember I will and send it your way!
You could also hang plants or even two picture frames back to back and put some fun art or photographs in there!
Good luck!

Design Ideas for Pass Through? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/11/10 02:53 PM

Grays, Olives, and Yellows are a super hip combo and I totally give it my vote! Here are some inspirational photos to help you along, too.
http://www.decorpad.com/photos/2008/06/03/bea342fcee6c.jpg</a href>
http://thehaystackneedle.typepad.com/.a/6a01053610d3e6970b0111688875a0970c-pi</a href>
http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_ABxQ1a3VZhs/SxXsDqqnnVI/AAAAAAAABs8/ZmzdVHQ2Fk4/s400/pink_wallpaper_yellow_door%5B1%5D.jpg</a href>
I would go with a canary yellow for the door. I would also add accessories such as planters, seasonal flowers, hanging baskets, and maybe a park bench, painted similarly.
For the eaves and trim I would try to lighten it up either with a crisp white or a bright gray. If painted too dark, these could weigh down the face of the house.
The garage door bleeds into the eaves/trim area so my first thought would be to keep these the same. However, if you really want to make a statement, go color. I would choose a dark charcoal gray, and eventually convert the taupe stucco to the same color (down the road).
For the siding in the back, I would go olive. I think this will look great with the natural deck. Again, bring in some of the yellow accents.

Good luck! Great house!

Paint Color Suggestions for "Overly Beige" House? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/11/10 10:42 AM

Whoops! cmarriott beat me to the punch! At least that's 2 votes in the right direction!

Recommendations for a Contractor in NYC? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
6/10/10 09:40 AM

Have you tried www.angieslist.com ? If not--do it! Also, definitely get references and CALL THEM! Ask if you can come see their handywork. Even if the recommendation is from a close friend of family member--I would definitely try to see at least one example of their work! Good luck!

Recommendations for a Contractor in NYC? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
6/10/10 09:39 AM

Paint: I would absolutely embrace color. I'm not saying dump out a box of crayolas, but please...anything but decorator's white. I would try to think of the space in terms of its elevations--even if they are curved. Rich taupe's, or creamy warm slate or charcoal grays could really be dramatic. Although in some spaces, painting a room a dark color can "make it feel small"--you definitely don't need to worry about that in your home. You have ceiling heights and skylights dumping natural light unlike many other homes out there--add some artificial lighting here and there and viola! I love the idea of the color of the walls spilling up onto the ceiling above. For the bedroom areas, maybe you consider doing a pale shade (not pastel) throughout--walls and ceiling--and then a focal wall. Either with a darker shade of paint or with textiles or a massive headboard.

For the floors, I absolutely agree with your gut reaction to go with dark floors. I'm personally a fan of carpet or large area rugs in private spaces (bedrooms), which I would all keep the same and neutral.

For all the millwork in your space, I would definitely consider stripping it and restaining it dark. You could consider painting or lining the inside cavities or shelves in wallpaper to add a bit of drama. If you choose to paint, I would either use the same wall color as what surrounds it, or something fun and punchy. Take the advice of your accessories and paint it something that would make them pop--black could be stunning and you could add inexpensive undermount lighting to make them feel special.

For the kitchen, I would also refinish the existing cabinetry. I would also change out the hardware to something more streamlined and simple--there are a lot of internet resources out there with inexpensive options a lot nicer than Home Depot. I would also switch out the countertops and appliances as your budget allows. You don't need to do everything at once but you also don't want to live in a construction zone.

For furniture, I've listed some more-budget friendly resources to help you out. Good Luck! Post photos when you're done!

www.mcguirefurniture.com (they have great sales!)

Design Ideas for a Geodesic Dome Round House? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/9/10 03:03 PM

I think if any of you had as much money as GP you would do exactly the same thing.

Think about it--you're a Mom, but you're also an actor. Your schedule is hectic, and although a lot of luxuries fall your way, your main goal is to spend time with your kids and make sure their celebrity lives are as comfortable and close to normal as possible.

Also--by hiring an Interior Designer, GP actually saved money on the furnishings themselves. (Designers buy at a discount) Although she had to pay the design fees, this transfer of responsibility gives her the opportunity to spend more time with her kids.

You also have to remember that she can't just walk into target like the rest of us--she'd be bombarded at the door. You all know that if you saw her in the checkout line you'd be taking pictures of her with your smartphones and posting them all over your facebook.

The comments about chalk dust in the bed is hilarious to me, seeings as though with Apple's BR review everyone uttered "where are her toys?! white carpets?! children are messy"! Will nothing make you critics happy?!

The space is adorable. Love the chalkboard wall. Kudos, Annette Joseph GP!

Gwyneth Paltrow Shows Apple Moses' Room | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
6/9/10 11:24 AM

When we moved into our 5 bedroom, 3 story rowhome rental in November, we rented a carpet cleaner (Rug Dr.) from the local supermarket and spent the first three days cleaning and scrubbing every square inch of the place. We opened all the windows gave everything a thorough wipe down with bleach and the like. I'm not severely allergic to pet dander, but the cleaning definitely made an impact. We also painted all the walls (with zero VOC paints). I think it's pretty unlikely that the landlord will remove and replace the carpets, so if the place is worth it, then you'll do what you have to do!

Pet Dander Woes: How to Clean When the Pet Moves Out? | Apartment Therapy DC
5/27/10 01:08 PM


Wall Color For Room with Exposed Brick? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/12/10 05:10 PM

Here's a link that should help!


What Might These Wassily Chairs Be Worth? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
5/12/10 12:33 PM

Wassily Chairs are definitely knocked off all the time. Even though they're 30 years old, it's not a guarantee they are "real". Do they have any Knoll markings? Signatures? Flip the chair over and check to see if there are any markings. If there aren't--it's fake. Also--there should be NO VISIBLE SCREWS, BOLTS, OR CAPS. This is a dead give away. The original chairs were welded. I recently sold a knock off one for $150 cash on Craiglist. People are into the look and not the $1600 retail/authentic list price tag!

What Might These Wassily Chairs Be Worth? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
5/12/10 12:29 PM

since you'll only be there a few months, I would definitely keep your spending to a minimum...take 10-15 of your favorite photos and hang them from clothes pins on a string across your window or near the door....keep the throw blanket grammy knitted you over the back of a chair for those brisk nights...keep it tactile and colorful! get a few indoor potted plants (Ikea is great for this) that fill your space with life and give you something to maintain. I definitely DO NOT recommend getting a pet, since it sounds like you'll be busy enough as it is and the space is cramped--you likely wont have time to train and house break an animal while going to school and doing an internship. Goldfish, maybe--but you'll feel way less guilty if a plant dies!

Tips for Making a Temporary Apartment Feel Like Home? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
5/7/10 02:51 PM

I definitely agree with greatkate. The outlet covers are an eyesore! I would definitely update those if possible. Changing out the cabinet hardware could definitely update the space, as well.

As for the cabinets, although I'm typically a fan of refinishing wood whenever possible, I also think there's something really great about a crisp white kitchen. I would choose a high gloss white and simple chrome or stainless hardware knobs. There are a lot of great resources on the internet who will "loan" you hardware samples if you pay for shipping.

Good luck! Let us see it when it's done!

Ideas for Cabinet Makeover New Countertop? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
5/7/10 01:22 PM

How is this not a finalist?!

Scott's Dream Home Studio The Perfect Workspace Contest 2010 | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
4/29/10 04:52 PM

Hi Luccella!
I'm a big fan of working with what you've got--as a renter myself, I swear I have faced every terrible design decision that's ever existed, and often have been unable to do anything other than cosmetic to change it. Personally, although the tile and "lovely" gray grout are not ideal, I would say to run with it. For the wall color, I would choose a deep dark warm gray--maybe 3 shades darker than the grout. This will create contrast, and make these dingy white tiles seem whiter than they really are (which is a good thing!) I would add a similarly charcoal colored bath mat maybe in something fun and textural like a shag for comfort. As for textiles, have fun with it. I would do something patterned for the shower curtain to draw your attention there. Add color, certainly--go any direction you like personally. As for the medicine cabinet, if you hate it, I would paint it the same color as the surrounding walls, so that it disappears into the background. If it's decent but just needs a makeover, I would say to paint it one of the accent colors found in whatever shower textiles you choose. Good luck!!!

Advice for This Bare Rental Bathroom? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
3/11/10 03:03 PM