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YAY! I followed along last year, but had so much going on and was trying to get out of my house.

this year, I won't be working and I'm in a newer house that needs organizing!

It's Back! Join Us & Get Organized in 2014:
The January Cure

12/19/13 04:07 PM

My mom taught me to rinse bacon slices before putting them in the pan - it prevents them from curling up on the ends. I bet this would help with that as well!

Weird Tip That Really Works: For Perfect Bacon, Add a Little Water to the Pan
7/1/13 11:54 AM

I love that! And the gold accents look amazing!

Smart Tip: Use Coffee Tables as Kids Desks Our Fifth House
6/25/13 06:41 PM

What?! They're gorgeous!

Ideas For Covering Windowsills in Rental? Good Questions
2/11/13 05:11 PM

Ahhh, it's beautiful.

I agree that setting off the details may make you like it more!

paint the inside of the groove a bright color and the rest a warm white. Legs metallic.

Makeover Ideas for Vintage Credenza? Good Questions
2/8/13 02:15 PM

That's a bookcase, not a dollhouse.

Very cute, I just don't get why it's filled with books instead of furniture and, um, dolls.

Before & After: Bookshelf Into Dollhouse
12/6/12 10:31 AM

This is the greatest idea. As a wine lover and not-so-proud owner of rubbermaid tote nightstands, I am officially in search of crates!

DIY Idea: Turn Wine Crates into a Nightstand Lark & Linen
8/2/12 07:41 PM

It definitely depends on your source. I also live on the MS Gulf Coast and we buy our shrimp from fishermen , straight off their boats.

Fresh or Frozen Shrimp? Buy Frozen!
5/9/11 01:42 PM

Okay, let me see if I have this straight. Though we have a 4 bedroom house, 2 boys, and more child on the way, we really need an office space. We have considered rooming the 2 boys together (2 and 5), but I worry about having room for their toys and syncing their bedtimes (they currently have bedtimes 2 hours apart).

Are their toys in this room as well, or is there a playroom?

3 Little Boys, 1 Little Room
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #1

5/4/11 07:43 PM

My 5-year-old son is my alarm clock. My 2-year-old is back up, since he wakes shortly after the 5-year-old. My cell phone serves as a third alarm and most mornings, I am disabling the alarm before it goes off!

5 Reasons to Return to Using an Alarm Clock
5/4/11 07:32 PM

So my style! I Love mid-century! Where is your sofa from?

Christine's Perfect Location
4/27/11 07:59 PM

It's super cute and costs way less than a Beaba, but... the beaba steams. I already have a mini food processor, so why would i need this?

Baby Bullet: From The Makers of Magic Bullet
4/26/11 12:09 PM

Definitely one of my favorite spaces!! You have mastered the art of having a cohesive space, which is so important when you're working with little square footage! I'd love to know where your couch is from.

Katie's Labor of Love
4/25/11 07:11 PM

I've only seen green plastic ones! Now i need glass ones for eyeliner, tweezers, etc!

Rethink It: Flower Frogs
4/25/11 04:52 PM

To me, the entire place looks like a husband and wife got married, each with very different styles, and just threw everything into one apartment.

T. Andrea's Grande Dame
4/19/11 05:47 PM

I think they're fun! I mean, I'm with Elizabeth:

"I hate it when my friends have random parties too. It's so narcissistic and silly of them to think that I would want to spend my evening hanging out with them and my other friends and eating free food."

We're considering having one ourselves with this pregnancy, because we have three boys and seriously, EVERYONE is placing bets and talking about what they think we'll have.

"Cravings" Gender Reveal Party
Amy Atlas

3/29/11 07:11 PM

SO AMAZING. I also have a 70s kitchen with similar cabinets. I am looking forward to painting ours and this is just the makeover I needed to show my husband how great the dark cabinets look on bottom.

what you said about hidden hinges... You can do that with these types of cabinets?!

Before & After: Melissa's Under $500 Kitchen Makeover
Good Questions Revisited

11/10/10 09:32 PM

We always wrote on our windows and mirrors as kids. the markers always stained our fridge.

Doodle on the Fridge | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/10/10 09:28 PM