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I love this building! I looked at an apt here in 2007 but ended up renting elsewhere on the northside.

Design Peculiarity: The Farcroft Building
9/16/10 04:31 PM

http://vintagraph.com/ also has repros of great vintage posters. I believe the two sites mentioned here sell originals (and are therefore spendy).

Vintage Victory: Industrial Inspiration from Another Era | Apartment Therapy DC
4/15/10 04:20 PM

Your steps made this really easy. Now my question: is there a way to represent furniture that I can click and drag around the floorplan? My workaround was to create rectangles for the bed, the desk, etc. and just cut them out and move them around the floorplan. Old school, but at least I know everything is to scale!

How To Make A Digital Floorplan With SketchUp | Apartment Therapy New York
3/30/10 10:41 AM

No one's raised a hue and cry about the poster...? ;)

Three George Nelson Bubble Lamps - $450 Chicago Scavenger | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/23/10 11:33 AM

@ChandraG: ha! I knew it couldn't be a coincidence. :)

Good Advice From Hammerpress Good Quotes | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/11/10 06:12 PM

Weird, this is the motto of one of my favorite stationery stores: http://www.greerchicago.com/shop/

Good Advice From Hammerpress Good Quotes | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/10/10 05:30 PM