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Is it wrong for me to be inclined to like the facetious ant farm idea? :3

I'm also on the same page with everybody else-- studio or kids' lighting/storage. Wish it was outdoor-capable, though. I could see hanging it beside the grill with some cooking accessories in it for when I'm cooking for parties, etc. Or as a vase for artificial flowers above the table.

Bucket Pendant Light from IKEA PS | Apartment Therapy New York
5/3/10 09:26 AM

Keep the lamp; I'm rather fond of it, and think it would be a good centerpiece for the dresser, maybe paired with a runner. Sand and repaint the dresser a turquoise (which I believe was suggested already), or a color similar to the green that is on the border already, but more saturated.

Lose the throw, the shades, the paintings, the clutter on the dresser, and your lamp.

Reupholster the chair with a fabric more bohemian, that takes colors from the reds, greens, and creams you've got. The shades can remain an orange-red, but again, more saturated (or find some semi-sheer curtains and drape them). Display the photos on the dresser in a more modular frame placed where the four paintings were, and hang a round ornate mirror above the dresser. Replace the lamp with wall sconces.

Go basic with bedding. Put white pillowcases on the bottom pillows, get subtle patterned sheets, and fold down a solid comforter.

How Can I Bring This Bedroom Into 2010? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
3/10/10 02:38 AM