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The "Alamo Sea" in Grand Theft Auto 5 is heavily inspired by the Salton Sea.

The Boom and Bust of Bombay Beach
7/25/14 12:44 PM

The trick for "sanding" veneer on MCM & vintage Lane furniture: steel wool & patience.

Love The Lines, But How To Change the Color?
Good Questions

11/10/11 01:48 AM

A few months ago, I painted a room in my building Gauguin blue. When a friend and I picked out the color, we thought we'd feel whisked away to a calm, island paradise everytime we stepped into it. But now all we can think of when we step into the Gauguin blue room are the more scandalous aspects of Gauguin's life in the tropics. It's still a beautiful color though - just like the deep blue you'd see in a Gauguin or Van Gogh painting.

Who Names Those Paint Colors?
Color Therapy

7/5/11 11:42 PM

I love the exposed bricks and ducts - they're so Pioneer Square-y. I also think it's great that there are folks out there rocking the 'Roid rage! Thanks for inviting us into your lovely home!

Tali and Cory's Astro-Polaroid Style
House Tour

6/25/11 04:16 PM

The best "you paid WHAT for that?!" second hand scores in my home are a matted, framed and signed artist's proof of Nagel's "Dyansen 57" that I bought from the SE Portland, OR Salvation Army for $5 (it had been $10, I hit a half off sale) and a 1972 Lane nightstand with rosewood handles and inlay on oak burl laminate for $10 at the Goodwill in Seattle's Central District, both items in perfect condition.

It's so inspiring to read about everyone else's thrifted treasures!

You Paid WHAT for That? Best Secondhand Finds Ever
6/25/11 04:10 PM

The list:
Piles of soaking wet towels frequently left on the carpet, literally 18" away from the washer, so now we have mold problems in the carpet padding,

Leaves the doors and windows unlocked when away. And this ain't the country. We live in the downtown of a really large city,

Leaves the stove and oven on when away. You'd think the lesson would have been learned during the first two house fires that were caused from this,

Wipes dirty hands on the sides of the sofa. A really beautiful, blue velvet Milo Baughman sofa.

To all of the folks who are haunted by toothpaste tubes without lids and toilet seats that are left up a little too much, please take solace in the fact that your roommate or significant other's annoying habots don't require intervention from the fire department, counselors and contractors!

Which Household Habits Drive You Batty?
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5/11/11 07:25 PM

My guess would also be Lane, except didn't Lane always emblazon their logo and hometown (Altavista, Virginia) onto their furniture?

Help Identify Mid-Century Coffee Table?
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5/11/11 07:03 PM

It looks like the original poster already knows the answer to their question, they just need to be more consistent with the kitty discipline.

Drop the spray bottle and grab a squirt gun! Invite some friends over to watch a movie, tell them to bring their squirt guns over too, then let the kitty discipline and the good times roll. It's also a lot easier to tuck a squirt gun into your pocket and carry it around the house throughout the day than it is to deal with a spray bottle. If your cat is anything like the ones that I have had, they notice when you don't have the spray bottle handy and they will take advantage of that window of opportunity.

It will hurt you more than it hurts the cat, but remember that kitty discipline is a way to correct their bad behavior, it's not to be mean.

Indoor Plants: How Do You Keep Your Cats Away?
5/11/11 06:30 PM

I do, JSandruck!

I have pale beige, wall-to-wall carpet (I'm in a rental, can't change the goofy carpet). If I don't wipe the vacuum's wheels and roller down with a rag with some diluted Simple Green, then I get muddy streaks on the carpet when I vacuum.

How I get hair and lint out of the roller:
Meat cutting shears I got for cheap at Target. The aforementioned seam ripper seems like an even better idea, though.

How To Clean Vacuum Bristles & Rollers?
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5/10/11 05:24 PM

Embrace the rave cave!

Sunshine, Lemon Yellow & A Sudden Need for Neon
5/10/11 05:08 PM

So colorful and Portland-y! the last shot of the exterior is nifty and I recognize where that is (I've been in love with that mortar & pestle patttern there since that bldg went up). Next time I walk by there I'll be sure to say "hi" if I see ya :)

Kate & Clifton Show Their Stuff
House Tour

8/24/10 06:08 PM

I agree with the other commenters that too many house numbers are too hard to read. What if you were having a life or death emergency at that home and 911 responders could not get to you in time because the house numbers are not readable from the street, or at night?

That's what happened to the old lady who lived where my parents live now - no house numbers, she had a heart attack, and emergency personnel went by her house a bunch of times before they finally realized which one it was and by then it was too late to save her life.

So now I have two feet tall Helvetica house numbers!

Keeping It Classic With House Numbers | Apartment Therapy DC
6/22/10 05:59 PM

I really love your TV console!

Brian's Nest in the Clouds House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
6/20/10 08:59 PM

I grew up in a house where my mom's best friend from childhood committed suicide. Mom had always liked the house so she got it for a steal from her friend's family when it went up for sale. Nothing superstitious ever happened around the place but there was just always a negative vibe hanging in the air.

Real Estate where Really Awful Things Happened | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/20/10 08:54 PM

It's not just young people who are moving back in with their parents. For example, my 54 year old aunt moved back in with my grandma a couple years ago when her financial situation unraveled. Some of my 40-60ish coworkers have also moved in with their parents. This crummy economy is effecting everyone and even though older people who move in with their parents can get away with it more gracefully under the guise of helping an aging/ailing parent, they could use the advice just as much as young folks, if not more, since it's been a greater number of years since they lived with their parents and I'd imagine it'd be a drastic adjustment.

Moving Back Home: Who Pays the Household Expenses? | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/15/10 08:02 PM

Like redneckmodern, I've also been enjoying IKEA's "Urban" chair. I got a pair in white for my deck on a Googie building. They look great there, are very sturdy, water resistant, and can't beat the price.

Best Outdoor Dining Chairs 2010 | Apartment Therapy New York
6/13/10 05:16 PM

I used to get grossed out by literature in the bathroom until I had some roommates who either liked to put comedic reading material on the tank or left magazine messes laying around. I finally caved and figured why not corral the clutter and put a rack in there? So I got a sleek and easy to clean acrylic magazine holder for 25 cents at a surplus store. The bathroom is more relaxing and a bit tidier for everyone. We also do so much more in our bathrooms than... you know. I find that it's nice to read in the tub, while drying hair, and brushing teeth.

Thanks for the post, AT!

Simple Bathroom Magazine RacksRoundup | Apartment Therapy DC
5/30/10 05:54 PM

I stack my board games and puzzles on top of my bookcases with oversized books that I can't shelve. I don't like hiding them because if they were stored away I'd forget they're there, and guests wouldn't happen to walk by the bookcase and say, "Let's play the Dr Laura Game," which is just as messed up and weird as you'd think it would be.

Storing Board Games Small Space Solutions | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/30/10 07:39 PM

I was wondering that, too. I Googled all of the designers and studios and they are all from the US, mostly CA. But from what I hear from family that's been helping out in Haiti, things there are so hectic, even worse now that initial rush of aid and sympathy that was there right after the quake isn't there, I don't know if anyone in their right mind would be hanging around there to do design work.

Affordable, Meaningful Prints from The Haiti Poster Project | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/28/10 03:16 PM

Lavender needs similar growing conditions as rosemary - a fair amount of sun and "elbow room" as someone here nicely put it. But if you have your heart set on rosemary or lavender, why not give either a try?

You wouldn't have much to lose except $3-4. Maybe get a little plant light bulb too?

House Plant that Thrives in VERY Low Light? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
4/28/10 03:01 PM