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i think it would look interesting to hang a collection of mirrors on the wall above and around the medicine cabinet. that way you have a mirror to look at over the sink, and it will look more like a salon wall/art collection than an off-kilter medicine cabinet. plus, a series of small/medium mirrors will be much less costly than a large one.

How To Make Misaligned Medicine Cabinet and Sink Less Awkward? Good Questions
8/15/13 11:59 AM

kitchen - because for the most part, it is a strictly functional space for me, so i won't sit for hours trying to find the perfect aesthetically-pleasing spot for everything. plus, then i can feed the friends and family that are inevitably helping me move.

on the flip side, the last room that i unpack is the office.

Moving in: Which Room Do You Unpack First and Why?
8/14/13 05:25 PM

if you're big tv/movie watchers, then your best case scenario is to have the tv directly in front of your seating to avoid neck issues from having your head turned all the time, so really the only option i can see if mounting above the fireplace.
if you think you can handle being a little uncomfortable while watching, then I would say you could place it on a low-profile stand to the left of the fireplace (from straight on) and angle it towards the center of the room. that would free up the mantle for decorative objects, art, etc.
if it were me (who is also a big movie watcher), i would mount it above the fireplace to maximize the rest of the room for other uses, like in the furnished photo you provided.

How To Layout (and Mount a Big TV) in Apartment With a Fireplace? Good Questions
8/14/13 05:19 PM

gray. it's more neutral and can go with any new color scheme you add into the room. also easier to paint over than black. the pink & green are just too much for me.

Alison's Wall Pattern Project: Help! Color?
8/12/13 05:53 PM

It just doesnt look very cozy yet. We can fix that. First off, the tv is way too far from the sofa. I would agree with previous commenters that you should mount a tv above the fireplace, HOWEVER, it appears you don't have a flat panel from the photo. So for now, here are my thoughts:
1. center the television on the wall it's currently on.
2. move your 'desk space' to the space under the window (currently you have a small table/side chair here). that should give you a nice view and fill up that space a bit more.
3. move the above-mentioned table & side chair to the other window in the 'dining space' to fill that up a bit. i would recommend chair in the corner on a diagonal and the table directly under the window. eventually, i would HIGHLY recommend a low dresser or serving cart under the window to make it FEEL more like it's own dining space.
4. it appears my plan has left an extra side chair without a home (that was originally next to the loveseat). try that as your desk chair. if not, pair it with the other side chair we placed in the dining room and it'll be a lovely little sitting nook.

Help with Layout of Large \"Everything\" Room? Good Questions
8/1/13 02:39 PM

paint something directly on the wall...or do what I did with a large doorway I had to cover...

I purchased a 4' x 8' framed bulletin board from craigslist (you can find these quite often for less than $10, like mine, because they came from old schools and people just want rid of them). from there, just refinish or paint the frame and choose to cover the bulletin board with fabric, paint or get a photo printed on large paper (a local print shop here quoted $16 for a black & white print).

Ideas for Decorating a HUGE Blank Wall? Good Questions
7/10/13 03:48 PM

thinking that would work in my home office as well.

thanks for the tip!

Weekend Project: Magnetic MakeUp Board Laura Thoughts
8/3/12 12:35 PM

in general, i think christmas lights are tacky. however...just recently i added them to my bedroom (around the curtains), because my boyfriend couldn't sleep without a light on and it kept me up at night. with the christmas lights, there's enough light for him to be ok, and it's not enough to keep me awake.
do what makes sense for you and your home. every place is different...every person is different. hell, every room is different.

String Lights in the Bathroom? Good Questions
7/13/12 05:20 PM

#1 is always going to be overhead lighting. imo, it should only be used when cleaning.

vertical blinds in general, or those awful white mini-blinds.

curtains that are too short.

scratchy blankets.

floor fans (and before anyone takes offense, i live in a building with only window a/c as an option. if you have a large enough window unit, you do not need hideous floor fans strewn about your place to circulate the air).

whole sets of furniture (i.e. couch, loveseat, coffee/end tables that were purchased from a weekend ad).

dirty bathrooms (absolutely hate when people use the gross disc toilet bowl cleaner that makes the water blue...just clean your toilet often and you wouldn't have to hide it with bright blue water).

Ew, I Can't Stand That! Design Allergies
6/25/12 02:38 PM

welp, my eyes are now killing me. I scored a 37 because of the crappy monitors at work, but i will retake it at home and see if that makes a difference.

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6/22/12 03:08 PM

love the idea and have done it before.

Would You Do This DIY?:
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6/15/12 02:14 PM

lofted bedrooms...high ceilings...industrial lofts...lighting (in general)...open kitchen shelving...large kitchen island in an open floorplan...

you know...the basics.

What Do You Covet Most From Other People's Homes? Reader Survey
6/14/12 05:55 PM

how about a modern window film, courtesy of AT WAYYYY back in 2010.


How To Cover Windows in Front Door? Good Questions
6/11/12 05:45 PM

gorgeous space. love all the before & after photos...and there were a lot of great diy ideas (hand-drawn photo frame wall, hello??) that i will definitely be trying out.

Hakarl & Jili Build a Family Home House Tour
6/6/12 02:11 PM


Alarick & Kristine's Power Pop Flat House Tour
6/4/12 05:34 PM

looks more like a showroom. the furniture and accessories are all gorgeous...but a little too shiny and new for my taste. love the bookcase/media center combo and the lighting. would love to see it once she actually warms it up with more personality.

Evelyn Lee's Sustainable Starter Apartment House Tour
6/1/12 05:38 PM

scored a heavy-duty 3 bag sorter from Pottery Barn on craigslist for $10. it fits perfectly at the end of my walk-in closet below my necklaces.

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6/1/12 05:32 PM

bedroom is so cozy and inviting. definitely jealous the bath is large enough for that gorgeous dresser.

Cheyenne Weaver's Gilded SimplicityHouse Tour
5/31/12 02:18 PM

before, before, before! I had always thought painting after the move would be best...but it was so difficult to paint AROUND my belongings. more often than not, I never even got around to painting because it seemed like too much of a hassle.

With my recent move in January, I made record time with family and friends painting my 800+ sq ft apt (2 bedroom) in 2 days. We literally painted every wall in every room (1 accent wall, the rest of the walls are Silver Fox by Benjamin Moore). It was SO WORTH IT to take the time prior to the move. I highly recommend it!

Should I Paint Before or After Moving In? Good Questions
5/30/12 11:34 AM

for the record, i believe the fridge IS in the left corner...the silver square (which if you look close enough, is farther back, essentially to the RIGHT of the stove).

the black box is presumably the microwave and is hanging ABOVE the stove.

either way, i like the look of open shelving in a small space, but not with this much stuff. pare down the amount of kitchen items/accessories, or add closed upper cabinets for a cleaner look.

Small Kitchen? Outline It With Paint! Kitchen Inspiration
5/18/12 11:58 AM