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I'm from DC and refuse to call it NoMa. My parents live in NoVa, and while it's a kind of soul sucking area, at least the name is cooler.

Which Neighborhoods Have the Worst Acronyms? Design News
6/13/14 03:23 PM

just got back from paris. I just used the ATM and took out a couple hundred euro at a time. There was a 3% international fee, and a five dollar atm charge, which was by far the cheapest way to do it.

10 Smart Money Tips for International Travel
6/13/14 03:21 PM

You can buy digital media as well, fyi.

Renting vs. Owning in the Digital Age
5/16/14 11:50 AM

add a swag light and some big paned mirrors!

Suggestions for Decorating Windowless Living Room? Good Questions
5/16/14 10:45 AM

I think getting it redone dirt cheap would cost your 250 (just a fabric change with a cheaper fabric), most of the time it's cheaper to DIY or just buy a new chair.

How Much Does it Cost to Reupholster an Armchair? Reader Intelligence Request
5/12/14 09:27 AM

I prefer the manure to the pesticides sprayed over crops.

Unwelcome Neighbors: Manure Slurry and Other Stinky Stuff
5/1/14 11:08 AM

I keep an ikea futon in my sewing room, and it's the perfect spot to host people for a few nights.

Small Space Hosting: Tips for Welcoming Guests When You Don't Have a Guest Room
4/29/14 07:58 AM

um no. Fabric liners for the win.

Clean Shower Tip: Do You Trim Your Curtain Liner?
3/24/14 04:17 PM

It seems like it would take less time to just measure and use though....

App Taps Your Walls & Draws a Floor Plan Design News
3/24/14 01:21 PM

I'd say if you don't have the money or energy to fight the midcentury elements just embrace them!

Paint the walls Sea Glass by Martha Stewart, get rid of the dates valance and put up an enje roller blind. Put down an area rug like this one ( ), and install a new light like this ( )

Update ideas for Mid Century Kitchen without Major Renovations? Good Questions
3/21/14 08:49 AM

Still worth it. Not to mention free kindle lending library and the instant streaming. I could justify those shipping charges in like two months alone. Plus amazon customer service has been nothing but awesome with me.

Amazon Prime Will Cost $99 Starting March 20 Design News
3/13/14 11:48 AM

as someone who had an austrailian shepard in a 600 square foot apartment I would say don't get a dog of that size and energy unless you've got space for them to do dead sprints in a yard. In fact he's the main reason we bought a house a year later. I think a lot of rescues want to make sure their dogs have forever homes, and with landlords and apartments thats less of a certainty than with someone who owns their home.

Would You Have a Big(ish) Dog in a Small(ish) Apartment?
3/12/14 11:20 AM

Really? Better than sex... um nope.

Are Our House Tours Better Than Sex?
2/18/14 01:44 PM


This House is Broken-Bad: How Not to Buy a Meth House MSN Real Estate
2/18/14 09:20 AM

didn't AP just run an article praising someone for flipping a "meth house" without actually addressing the chemical problems the house probably had?

This House is Broken-Bad: How Not to Buy a Meth House MSN Real Estate
2/18/14 09:20 AM

somewhere in between. My gray rugs always look the nicest. But I'll take vacuuming over trying to get a stain out anyday.

Which Is Easier To Keep Looking Clean: Light or Dark Rugs?
2/13/14 02:34 PM

this place looks great! But the light/white balance on the photos is really distracting.

Melissa & Andrew's Paprika Perch House Tour
2/12/14 12:39 PM

I was under the impression that most meth houses were condemned because the toxicity was harmful to humans? Or at very least something you wouldn't want to buy even if you were renovating?

Before & After: Condemned Meth House Gets Majorly Modernized
2/11/14 03:57 PM

It's unsafe for cats.

Tips for Growing Fiddle Leaf Figs
2/11/14 09:18 AM

yeah top sheets are used so you don't get so much body oil on your comforter/quilt which are harder and more expensive to clean. It's just more cleanly.

What’s the Purpose of a Flat Sheet, Anyway?
1/30/14 03:05 PM