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butterflied or spatchcocked is the way to go, in my opinion. this year i even remembered to ask the butcher to remove the backbone for me, which is the only difficult part. all the pieces cook evenly, and the cooking time is hugely reduced.

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11/14/11 02:25 PM

and at least she's (judiau) not being judgmental or anything!

i think it's OKAY for people to look for convenient alternatives to making things from scratch sometimes. this poster said that she was specifically looking for a premade, convenient thing. i think it's a great idea to fill that need. if you have the wherewithal to make your own from scratch, by all means, more power to you! there's a place for both ideas.

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8/2/11 01:19 PM

the "these are things" link isn't working :(

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7/11/11 07:18 PM

we installed cork tiles in our bathroom after loving it so much at the frank lloyd wright properties we love and visit often (fallingwater, kentuck knob, and duncan house). we really love them, and my husband said they were a cinch to install. the floor has held up beautifully. a previous commenter noted that it can be slippery when wet, which is true, but we just try to manage puddles like we would with any other bathroom floor and it's fine. we plan to install it on many more floors of our home as we remodel!

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Good Questions

6/22/11 08:23 PM

just a note about sources: we purchased a caroma through amazon and it arrived so shattered that ups didn't even bother trying to leave it for us. tried again and same thing happened. when we contacted caroma to see about a solution, they said that they do not sell through the internet and we were out of luck. of course, amazon refunded our money for the merchandise, but caroma would not have warranted the purchase had we succeeded anyway. we found a local dealer of toto aquia toilets, though, and ordered that instead.

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3/8/10 04:50 PM