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Love the impression the shoes under the table give - some kind of unfinished business maybe. Anyhow, it's a neat, compact and very attractive corner. I quite like it!

A Couple's Graphic & Cool Small Space Condo Professional Project
4/12/14 09:24 PM

Too bad you have to leave. What a beautiful place.

Mandy and Matt's Lovely Canalside Home House Tour
4/6/14 07:26 PM

maybe the caractere is different but it's functional and beautiful

Christine & Pierre's Kitchen: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
3/13/14 06:51 PM

Love what you did! So streamline and bright and Zen.
Great job!

Christine & Pierre's Kitchen: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
3/13/14 12:32 PM

Oh-so-pretty.. I love everything - especially the barn door. What a great idea - saves lots of space. Great job!

Leah & Kris' Lovely Live/Work Home House Call
2/13/14 07:23 AM

love the nasturtiums.. what a beautiful space!

Alicia's Backyard Eden My Great Outdoors
5/2/12 08:46 PM

Best thing I've tried: Place the birdfeeders close enough to the house so that they don't have the distance required to increase their velocity. This way if they do hit the window, it will less likely be a fatal collision. Plus, having the feeders closer is way more entertaining, is it not?

Songbird Strikes: Protecting Birds from Your Windows
1/23/12 09:36 AM

I have a tiny kitchen and open shelving. The wood that they're made with is exotic and was made by a woodworker who mixed and matched. Without anything on my shelves, it already looks cluttered and way too busy. There is also open shelving below the counter, so my pots and pans always have to be neatly stacked. I have covered up part of the bottom shelving with a cute little drape to give it a more seamless look, and am ready to paint some of the wordwork so maybe it will look less busy. I have lived with this look for 3 years and want to go back to cupboards.

How To Know if You're Ready for Open Kitchen Shelving
1/19/12 01:31 PM

I, too have a pull-out sofa and rue the day we struggled to carry it in here. It was so heavy, it was the middle of winter and I had put my back out earlier that day shovelling snow off the deck. All that to say is when we have guests, we take the matress off the sofa, put that on the floor and everyone has a good night sleep. The actual pull out with that darn kidney bar is for our worst enemies. I'm saving my money for a real good old fashioned comfy sofa and when guests come to stay I'll spend 15 minutes blowing up the air matress..(gasp) No more pull-out for me!

Form + Function: 5 Favorite Sleeper Sofas
1/17/12 07:48 PM

This is a very good tutorial and a smart idea. People like me who are not very good at the DIY appreciate knowing that replacing a toilet seat doesn't have to be a big problem.

How To Replace a Toilet Seat | Apartment Therapy Chicago#comments
3/8/10 04:44 PM