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I'm not a huge James Bond buff. But I do know Switzerland, and although that first one is in Switzerland I'm pretty sure it is not the same building that was in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". I believe you are thinking of the Schilthorn, which has a revolving restaurant on top, similar to the picture- the restaurant is called Piz Gloria. And, I know it was the hideout of the Villain in the movie (For those of you, who'd like to visit the Schilthorn, definitely order the James Bond Breakfast). Maybe the first image is featured in another James Bond movie though?

The first image is actually near Lucerne. But regardless all of Switzerland is beautiful, and there are loads of lovely resorts and restaurant nestled amongst the mountains. I've been there five times already and I have another trip planned in just two weeks. I can't imagine ever tiring of it.

A Cooler Escape: Mountain Retreats Escape Roundup | Apartment Therapy DC
7/12/10 01:07 PM

The white doesn’t bother me, but I think other colors could have worked well too (like a nice sage or robin egg blue). What bothers me is its lack of purpose. It takes up a lot of room to just hold a few flowers. I think it could be very useful in a craft room, where the jars could hold buttons, ribbons, and other small crafty things you wouldn’t want to lose. Of course, that’s just me and who am I to say anything? I don’t even have a craft room!

Before & After: Spice Rack Mondo Cherry | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/2/10 10:33 AM

I just Graduate from college with a Degree in Interior Design, and we used SketchUp all the time. Of course, we also used the more professional programs like Revit and AutoCAD. But I would often import my files into SketchUp for rendering purposes (Although you can Render with Revit and AutoCAD, SketchUp is a little easier).

Irender can be downloaded, at renderplus.com, and gives SketchUp images a photo realistic look to them. It's fairly expensive (like $500), but you can download a free 30 day trail if you just want to use it for fun.

There is also 3D Warehouse (just Google it) where you can download free objects and materials so that you aren't limited to the selections that come standard with google sketch up.

I would upload a few of the photorealistic renderings I did using SketchUp, except, I have no idea how.

But it is a lot of fun to use, especially if you're not being graded! I like to use it and space plan imaginary apartments that I will never be able to afford.

How To Make A Digital Floorplan With SketchUp | Apartment Therapy New York
3/31/10 12:15 PM

My father told me that, when he was a little boy, his father gave him a baseball autographed by Ted Williams. The same night he accidently dropped his new baseball into an open floor register. To afraid to tell his father he never attempted to retrieve it. Look back, he claims that it probably wasn't Ted William's real autograph.

We sold my grandparents house about 7 years and because they lived down the hill from us I drive by it everyday. After reading everyone's posts I can't help but wonder what kind of interesting artifacts the new owner will find.

What Lies Beneath: Home Renovation Discoveries | Apartment Therapy Boston
3/8/10 12:08 PM