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So simple, unique, and inspiring! Very easy-going and relaxed.

Nanette & Jonathan's Eclectic Family Home House Tour
12/27/12 08:11 PM

Sexy and everything. Awesome.

Rodellee's Tiny Vintage Studio
House Tour

1/14/12 05:42 PM

Love the family photo! (Oh and the house too.:)

Alexandra & Eliot's 1890's Farmhouse
House Tour

1/14/12 05:30 PM

Love the textiles!

Lindsey's Indoor/Outdoor Home in the San Rafael Hills
House Tour

1/14/12 05:22 PM

I think your home is very charming! The outside space is beautiful as well. Well done.

Simone's Romantic Home Filled with Personal Treasures
House Tour

1/4/12 10:01 AM

Can I just start of by saying, I loved you Alec on Half & Half!!! :)

Now that I've gotten that out of the way Zion's (beautiful name by the way) room is amazing!

Jamison, Alec & Zion's "Elegant Circus" Home
House Tour

12/7/11 08:45 PM

Absolutely lovely! :)

Heather & Alex's Nostalgic Cottage in the City
House Tour

12/7/11 08:46 AM

Alex and Mara thanks for the answer! I'm inspired! :)

Mara & Alex's First Home as a Married Couple
House Tour

12/7/11 08:17 AM

Love the place! May I ask where you purchased the laundry basket from?

Mara & Alex's First Home as a Married Couple
House Tour

11/27/11 04:56 PM

It's all in the details, this place. Very unique. I love the sunlight and the kitchen and the way in which the clocks and plants and photo booth pictures are displayed.

Hilda's Sunny Swedish Highrise
House Tour

4/10/11 05:42 PM

On the surface this house is lovely, organized and chic. However, with thought there are two things I noticed: 1) It's very stylized. 2) Some masculinity is missing.

Kirsten's Utterly Fabulous Utah Home
House Tour

4/10/11 05:32 PM

Thoughtful....and the Emmy itself is right at home.

Corina's Hollywood Glamour on a Budget
House Tour

4/2/11 07:34 PM


AJ & Alex's Eclectic Shabby Chic Queens Apartment
House Tour

4/2/11 07:09 PM

I love the mirror over the faux fireplace is great. Actually, the faux fireplace and all the touches you have added to it and the mantle are great. I also liked your boiler room solution. Wonderful.

House Tour: Michelle's Starter Home
3/27/11 09:42 AM

Lovely home! The whimsy is in the little details which you've added here and there throughout the space. Eye candy for sure.

House Tour: Amy's Vintage-Modern Nest

3/27/11 09:33 AM

I love the paper towel and toilet paper holder.

Steven's Relocated Beach Cottage
House Tour

3/18/11 09:08 AM

I've always liked Airstream trailers for the aesthetic/art deco quality alone. This one in particular is great. I love the renovation. I'm even more impressed with the lack of stuff in general. It goes to show you that living with less really is more in the grander scheme of things.

Living Large in an Airstream Trailer
House Tour

3/18/11 08:51 AM


Edyta's Modern with a Dab of Drama Home
House Tour

2/17/11 12:09 PM


Warren & Mimi's Highly Personal Architectural Home
House Tour

2/3/11 01:40 PM

I'm jealous. And I never get jealous. Love the exposed brick, the wood floors, the views, the light, everything. AMAZING.

Laura & Nickolas' Transformable Loft
House Tour

2/3/11 01:13 PM