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This is a "stuff tour" not a house tour.

Laura and Andrew's HOME Gallery House Tour
7/10/13 03:27 PM

Not a smart move to use sound-isolating earphones while cycling, unless you're on a trainer.

These Earbuds Always Stay In
7/10/12 11:35 AM

Haven't since 2002.

Moving Survey: Do You Have a Land Line?
8/23/10 06:11 PM

I would check out the Filson briefcase.

Stylish and Fashionable Laptop Bags for My Girlfriend? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
5/14/10 03:16 PM

What are those yellow ring shaped tables on your patio?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | House Tour: Sam’s Sydney Simplicity Sydney
1/23/09 03:42 PM

2 regular and 2 shams. The shams are used for support when reading.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | This or That? Extra Pillows or Two Pillows on the Bed?
11/12/08 02:00 PM

Is this a joke?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #17: Marie's Comfortable and Cool Colors
10/14/08 09:43 AM

Anyone know the thread count?

Apartment Therapy Boston | Inmod: Design Your Own Duvet Covers!
10/6/08 11:52 AM

Anyone know where I can get bright orange sheets like those?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Iota:Max Portion-Controlled Architectural Consults
8/19/08 07:50 AM

Metro Cubes @ PlushPod

Good Questions: Have you seen these nesting tables?
6/15/07 12:01 PM

Chiasso sells something similar:

Good Questions: Where Can I Find These Planters?
5/4/07 10:46 AM

Very nice place! What lamp is that next to the couch?

#19 - Laure's Sparkling Space
4/30/07 12:06 PM

Where did you get the chrome lamps?

#30 - Ron's Hotel "Sweet"
4/27/07 12:14 PM

Everytime someone comes over and says "Ohhh, nice Saarinen Womb chair!", you're going to have to politely reply "Thank you, but it's only a knock-off" and then hang your head in shame.

Good Questions: Should I Spring For a Knockoff?
4/10/07 06:58 AM