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I don't have a tiddy bear comfort strap, but after a surgery to the area I got a sheepskin cover for my seat belt strap. If anything is tender in that area a strap will hurt if you drive very far.

However, a folded up hand towel will do just as well, plus if you need a towel in your car it can do double duty.

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8/29/10 11:09 AM

I have blue/white plates. When you get to a certain age plates will begin to accumulate as older relatives leave this earth but their stuff stays behind!

Although 160 is quite a few, I have found that at larger events more plates than guests will get used so having extras is good for those who somehow lose their plates or put them in the sink and then decide to eat something else.

I also have a large collection of silver plate forks. You can often acquire those for almost nothing as most people want the whole place setting. Unless you are having steak, which isn't so frequent with a buffet-party, most foods can be eaten with just a fork.

I think that if you are the type to have larger parties that stocking up on party stuff and finding a place to store it is not a burden. You already are into the serving dishes etc... so what's a few more plates?

How Owning 160 White Plates Has Saved Us Money | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
3/30/10 09:16 PM

I like it. I also like that it's just paint so in a few years when it's banged up and everyone is tired of that color it can easily become something else without tearing out the tile and appliances.

Seafoam Green and a Craftsman Galley Kitchen Update Sunset | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
3/7/10 08:47 AM

I have one I haven't used for several years. During Snowmagedon I thought about using it but when I got the flours out they were all buggy and I tossed them. Thankfully I'd had them securely encased in plastic bags, in a sealed tub so the rest of my pantry was buggy.

SO now it's either buy a bunch of flours or move it out. I think give it's several year un-use that it's going.

Thanks for the nudge.

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3/6/10 11:15 AM

It may just be me, but I have not had very good experiences with lamps from Ikea and that lamp isn't all that inexpensive. The base/shades may be stylish but the wiring doesn't work very well.

I say spend the money on a shade and re-purpose an old base that you are certain it will work.

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3/6/10 11:04 AM