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totally get the frustration! my husband travels so much that it's me that does the shoveling. fine... my street is plowed... but does he have to keep knocking down every damn mailbox on the street? i mean, they are all set back at the same approved distance and still, every week, everyone on it's side (ripped from it's granite post!). a completely understand the person who is frustrated with people who don't clean off the cars. that is a MUST.

Snow Removal Etiquette
2/5/11 06:46 PM

i did a project like this as a seat and used expanding foam insulation to fill and support the middle and then used rope and paper mache to cover the outside. light weight, takes a lickin' and is great extra seating.

DIY Faux Birch Log Side Table
How To

12/30/10 06:39 PM

nope. no suction cups can be stronger than a 1 year old. sorry. i'd say distraction is your best key. try pushing him/her up to the table with a large dinner tray or giving new eating utensils. after that you have to keep encouraging him/her to use his/her spoon/fork whatever. and keep doing it for about the next 6 mo. after that you are golden. parenting is a lot about repeating yourself. welcome.

Super Strong Suction Bowl?
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11/16/10 06:53 PM

there is a way you can really make it look like mercury glass but you have to do it from the inside. otherwise... yeah... not even close.

Faux Mercury Glass Lamps Good Bones Great Pieces | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/22/10 08:46 PM

okay so both kitchens are fine depending on your tastes but (and this is what my husband and i are facing with our impending re-do) changing the original kitchen was kind of a waste, no? i mean it looked almost brand new! at least it was done within the last 5-7 years. i feel terrible saying 'do it again!' since there is nothing really that wrong with it other than aesthetics (our current kitchen is county and we want modern like this kitchen). anyone else feel that way? it's all a little wasteful... or should i give up the guilt and redo?

Before After: Traditional Meets Modern Kitchen Philadelphia Magazine | Apartment Therapy DC
3/29/10 07:47 PM

okay... i have the same issue but i'm also stumped on where to start/end the back splash. see how the splash would run into the door jam or the switch plates... where does one end? should it go right to the jam? help, help.

Suggestions for Our Kitchen Backsplash? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
3/5/10 09:45 PM