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Jenn - I've been an admirer of your house for a while now - congratulations on the AT feature! The garden is looking fabulous. I know I've already said this once before.. but... if you ever decide to replace the foyer pendant light please think of me!! It would go to a loving home down here in Australia :)

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5/20/10 09:48 AM

erikakn~ yes the bathroom tiles are original (floor & walls) haha about the "keep calm" print in the WC - funny story is that all of the "artwork" on the wall is covering holes created when the original WC was removed... one day we may get around to fixing it :)

FrauKesier~ our guys are Whippets, but I do loooove the Italian Greyhounds too... oh and the big greyhounds... I'll take them all!

Blandwagon~ lol.... great WC advice! Thanks for appreciating our Jimmy Possum sofas - they are indeed beautiful pieces that will be with our family for many years - and yes they did cost a bomb!

Loving the comments.
Fiona Dyer.

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3/8/10 07:33 AM

purr ~ the upper cabinet doors are a laminate on MDF substrate - the colour is called "Licorice Linea" and it is made by a company called Laminex Industries (not sure if they are in the US or just Australia).

atwice ~ the "best mates" art is from Auntie Cookie in Melbourne, Australia

blantonator ~ the wall cladding is yes, tongue & groove timber panelling. it is an original part of the 1957 interior

Miami's Elaine ~ yes he is a whippet and yes they are gorgeous dogs - perfect family pets as they are so gentle & fantastic with children

Fiona Dyer

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3/5/10 07:02 PM