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What is the manufacturer of the table and chairs?

A Spanish Style Meets Mid C Home
Professional Project

1/9/12 12:55 PM

OMG!! I must have this!!

Win This Papier-Mache Stag from West Elm!
Holiday Giveaway 2011

12/7/11 09:54 AM

If you don't want to scratch off the sheen of your surface that you use it on...then be my guest. It removes the shine off of everything.

Magic Erasers: Toxic or Terrific?
6/23/11 12:55 PM

A great update to this space! My cousin got married here and this is wonderful!

Colorful Summer Style from Ocho Lounge
6/6/11 11:26 AM

If you are a do-it-yourself kinda person or if you still want someone to help with a custom type door, this great company: has the answer! My husband and I redid our front and backdoors for a fraction of the cost of a customer glass door. Much better than some of those doors shown.

Curb Appeal: Great Gates, Fences & Front Doors
6/2/11 12:12 PM

I actually think this is fairly a novel idea.. 3 months estimated around at least $7K would pay for some pretty cool gadgets/upgrades.

Free Mortgage: If You Turn Your House Into a Billboard
4/12/11 04:12 PM

I don't know I am a clean-a-holic but it seems that this should be on everyone's calendar so that company that comes over doesn't get grossed out either.

What's The Worst Thing You've Ever Found In Your Sofa?
Reader Survey

3/22/11 04:15 PM

so what I don't understand is why it costs from $42,000 to $155,000 for such a tiny house? I live in Austin and have looked at these houses (there was one out by the airport). My father has built a small house just like this using recycled wood and salvage doors for a very very small fraction of the price. can someone fill me in on the upcharge? neat idea but no one has that type of money for a novelty...

Tiny Houses in Texas
This Old House Magazine

2/10/11 10:35 AM

I have to agree with GreenKey: Maybe the previous owner forgot that they were there. He might've left them behind by mistake. You should definatley contact him.

Look! Artwork Found in the Basement
2/10/11 10:26 AM

Before my son was born I made a small cathedral quilt for him and it was complicated to say the least. You take a larger square of fabric and fold itself in to get a smaller reverse square...whew! Treasure it always! It is so special to see them snuggled into it and you know that it came from the heart. Wonderful job on the wood wall art. If you can, please post a tutorial. This would be wonderful to make also :) Great job and so inspirational!!

Quilt-Inspired Wall Art | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
6/10/10 11:17 AM

Regardless if you use this for diapers or not, it is lovely to have since it helps you clean the tub/shower and toilet with its range of spray. It is also handy to have for dirty toddlers that love mud, explosive poo episodes, etc.

Diaper Sprayer | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh#comments
5/21/10 02:02 PM

pvc pipe worked for us. you can either use the angles or bend a smaller/thinner one to work for you.

Need DIY Ideas for Vintage TentGood Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/15/10 11:44 AM

baby wipes are also really good to clean up and easy to tote.

Turn Thumb Print Leaves Into Family Heirloom Good Ideas | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/15/10 11:42 AM

My cousin and I did a thumb print tree for a family member's baby shower. LOTS of leaves in different color greens, then we did two blue birds for ours to stand out so that it was our signature as a gift from us. Everyone raved about it! (suggestion is that you take a scrap piece of paper for the ink to be blotted on, we found that the second printing of the ink on your thumb was the best).We are also going to duplicate this in Autumn colors for another family wedding coming up. Really easy and great gift. Make sure that everyone also signs their own thumb print...

Turn Thumb Print Leaves Into Family Heirloom Good Ideas | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/15/10 11:41 AM

This gave me inspiration and I had my husband cut down some pvc and we made a suped up octogon playhouse for my 11 month old son! With 45 degree angles and a few T pipes it was pretty easy.

Collapsible Indoor Playhouse Reader Project | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/5/10 03:38 PM

I bought this as a gift for my friend's twins a year or so ago and their family loves it! It empowers the boys to go "just like dad"...LOL!

The Peter Potty Toddler Urinal | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/5/10 03:35 PM