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Arloarlo- I am very sorry to have seen you lose BY 2 VOTES- aaaaahhhhh!!!! to such a dull, uninspired entry like Ingers. I am sure that you are being a good sport and would never agree with my statement but you know that its true. The same tripe beat Catherine's Outside Inside- which was stunning. Congrats, at least, on having such an attractive home- in that, you are the victor.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #5: Square Harbor's Color Obsession
10/29/08 10:06 AM

UH-Greed KTG! I cannot believe this dull entry has gone on this long. DRQ must be right about just getting more friends to vote. My mother-in-laws house is way more creative and appealing. Inger's boring home is so uninspiring and the fact that it weasles its way through each time by a few votes makes me more passionate about finally seeing it lose. Ho- Hum, Ho-Hum

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #15: Inger's Bright, Bold Colors
10/29/08 09:58 AM

goood luck getting to final four- your deserve the win today! for the 50th time; The fireplace is fantastic! It looks like the side of a bus. Your place would be perfect for a big replication of a (Banksy) tag. Stenciled on the wall. Would love to do that but my old home is not the right canvas. Will check you out on Etsy.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #5: Square Harbor's Color Obsession
10/28/08 03:04 PM

Huh? Inger's & Square Harbors Color Obsession. Once again I am shocked how close this entry is to its match in the votes. Besides the kitchen (once that tablecloth is tossed aside), its' just so ordinary. this isnt a people have spoken...? I thought it determined the best ever, ever room...I thought we were choosing the next aesthetic temple and crowning its maker and praising whatever muse inspired them with a $2,500 gift credit to CB2 ..dipped in platinum. Whatever is 'not' less good....? why do I vote

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #15: Inger's Bright, Bold Colors
10/28/08 02:52 PM

hello again- Really love your place and the building itself looks like thought you might have a good suggestion. I rent half of victorian house and my living room has an old chandelier coming down from 11 ft ceilings. I cannot remove it or replace it- the only option I can imagine is too paint the tarnished bronze metal or replace the three (newer) glass bulb shades that flower out from it (they seem to be what offends me about the structure. Where might I find pretty glass 'bulb shades' that fit on with the tension of three screws. Anthropologie, maybe? any ideas?

Apartment Therapy DC | East #50: Mariegael's "Frosty" & "Ripe Mango"
10/25/08 09:27 AM

Good Sport Catherine- I was very sad to see your entry lose yesterday to one that was so clearly less creative and less inspired. I really hope to see more of your lovely place- it is stunning. the pictures that you took atop your mantle were some of my absolute favorites in this entire contest- Thank you for entering this contest and sad to see you go!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #19: Catherine's Outside Inside
10/25/08 07:42 AM

Sorry to see you lost. Your entry and Catherine's Outside Inside were my two favorites. Congrats on having a truly lovely home though. (and a cute cat!)

Apartment Therapy DC | East #50: Mariegael's "Frosty" & "Ripe Mango"
10/24/08 11:23 PM

What a sad state of affairs that this ultra boring confusion of colors and rubbish beat out such a strikingly beautiful entry- "Catherine's Inside Outside" ....and just bearly for that matter. Though I will be sure to continue voting to make sure this nonsense doesnt progress any further....who voted for this and why??? Am I missing something?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #15: Inger's Bright, Bold Colors
10/24/08 11:12 PM

HOLY S! I cannot believe this entry is within several votes to "Catherine's Outside Inside" tonight. I will be totally disillusioned with this entire contest if 'Ingrid's NOT SO bright and bold colors' (nothing wrong with not so bright and bold....but dont use the name- how about 'Ingrids's boring bedroom' or 'Ingrid's little devil mask beside assortment of lame pictures'), anyhow- I will be disillusioned with this entire contest is this entry beats the lovely (and actually bright and bold) Christine's Outside Inside. Seriously- are you kidding me people??? ....the kitchen's kind of neat though without that tablecloth- I respect that you put the effort in to enter though.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #15: Inger's Bright, Bold Colors
10/24/08 05:53 PM


I love Fall colors but do not usually ever comment..... but... I wanted to tell you how beautiful your place is. There are many lovely entries but so many seem so predictably mid-cent. modern or swedish minimal or they seem to be straight from the pages of a West Elm catalog, but your place is original and clean and bright- but still soothing. I love the shot of your bathroom and the colors in the kitchen....and the tile around the fireplace. I have a feeling that your home would look alluring no matter how little money you used or had- which CANNOT be said about many of the more attractive entries (unfortunatley it seems that you can buy style to an extent- however you cannot buy the feeling that your home evokes- KUDOS- MarieGael!) Your place instantly struck me and I will continue to vote for it. I am dismayed to see that your entry is just behind (in the voting) "Chistine's Bright and Cheerful"- please. Good Luck, Brisha

Apartment Therapy DC | East #50: Mariegael's "Frosty" & "Ripe Mango"
10/24/08 01:57 PM

does anyone happen to know the name of that warhol print? i can't seem to figure that out. thanks, any help is appreciated!!

Apartment Therapy - #8- John's Bold, Bright, Day or Night
11/1/07 06:23 AM