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Runnun, I'm surprised by your comment. Is your experience that bad? I'm just curious (genuinely, not ironically) becaus in 4 years with Verizon, I had to speak with customer's service about two dozen times and only once was the person inefficient. I left them because they are really too expensive and not flexible enough in their plans, but their crews went out of their way to accomodate me and bend the rules as much as they could every time they could. I heard people complain about them but it was about the internet/TV support. Maybe the service for this department is not as good?
In France, where I live most of the year, I hear people complain all the time about all the carriers. They always post their rage on Facebook to let the world know how their carrier/internet provider stinks! In then end, you'd think they all stink! But that's what the French do... complain all the time! We're spoilt! :-)

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Gorgeous! I like it better than the original too!

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