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I'm a British ex-pat and I LOVE Mod Podge. White glue works sort of the same but it yellows after a few years. Mod Podge stays lovely and clear.

Mod Podge Your Wipes Box For A Custom Look
Merriment Design

8/23/11 10:04 PM

The one lesson I learned the hard way is to bring a spare outfit for yourself, not just your kid. No nap plus long layover meant that when our transatlantic flight actually took off, my kid was so tired, cranky and upset that she threw up on me -and then promptly fell asleep. I didn't have another top. Ugh!

Debunked: Myths About Traveling With Kids
Ciao Bambino

7/26/11 09:18 PM

Go for green instead??

Ideas for a Naturally Colored Blue Drink?
Good Questions

7/11/11 03:24 PM

Where's the baby's bee protection?

Celebrate National Pollinator Week
6/24/11 08:54 PM

They'd make a good base for a papier mache toadstool 'top'.

Although at 15 months you can probably switch to an regular organic 'O' cereal and save yourself a LOT of money.

Creative Reuse for Fruit Puff Containers
Good Questions

2/3/11 08:45 AM

ReadyMade mag had a cover feature on how to make this ages ago. I made a cute mobile for the nursery instead of a lamp using lots of small, round balloons.

Table Lamp by Filigree Creations
12/8/10 10:41 PM

I have the leaf puzzle and the wooden fruit, it's all simply beautiful. So tactile, the quality is lovely....

Just Hatched
9/21/10 05:18 PM

We came up with a 'cred' a crib/bed that I can lie down and nurse my kid to sleep in and sneak off once she's asleep. Well that was the idea, I often spend all night asleep in there too. It's a Aosom wooden play yard which we cut up and arranged and bolted to the wall to form a crib around a twin mattress:
<img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket">

A Bed in the Nursery
9/18/10 09:10 AM

The TV at least is such poor quality. My kid never got to play with hers as a toddler as the button twists around and nothing happens. Waste of money. The ancient one at grandma's, however, still works fine.

Classic Fisher Price Toys You Can Buy Brand New
9/3/10 10:24 AM

When I have lot's of friends over I write their names backwards on the base of the glass with a sharpie. Doesn't rub off until it's time to do the washing up. And you can peer down and see your name!
Won't work if you're drinking coke or cloudy juice though!

ID Charms for Kids' Cups?Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
6/25/10 03:42 PM

We lashed three together with duct tape to make a bed rail for co-sleeping. It fits snugly under the sheet and our roly poly baby cannot get over it.

5 Ways To Re-Use Pool Noodles As Home Decor | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/16/10 10:05 PM