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What I did with my tub was stuff the 1/4" gap with foam backer rod and then caulk over that. The big gap made it hard to get a perfect beautiful looking little caulk line, but it has held up nicely over the last few years.

Renovation Project Secret: How To Lay A Perfect Bead of Caulk Quickly & Neatly, Every Time Apartment Therapy Tutorials
4/16/14 10:43 AM

totally awesome.

10 Clever DIY Projects to Hide Household Eyesores
4/3/14 04:57 PM

I always leave the lid slightly ajar. I shake the pan every minute or so. For that I put the lid on. Once it starts popping the corn basically stirs itself.

Alternatively, I use tin foil, cover the pan and poke holes in the foil big enough to let the steam out but not the corn. this is the easier method, but I do feel wasteful when I throw out the tin foil.

Popcorn Popping Tip: Try Leaving the Lid Ajar | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/23/10 09:35 AM

"Love it! So clever. And that first one could be grandpa and grandkids--you pervs! =>"

I think that is exactly why it is creepy.

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10/20/09 04:54 PM

how long do they glow for? second? minutes? days?

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | How To: Glowing Eggs For Halloween
10/20/09 08:39 AM

I agree with Sally. A gray rug replaced by a gray rug. But I also agree with Sally, if you like it, great!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | A Small Change with Big Results: Adding a New FLOR Rug
10/13/09 04:08 PM

Looks like the money you could have saved with Geico.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Hanging Mirrors in Front of Windows Metropolitan Home
9/28/09 03:15 PM

Mostly terrible.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Diesel Lifestyle Bedding Collection
9/23/09 03:32 PM

yes, Ikea is a status symbol which tells your neighbors that your status is poor.

Apartment Therapy New York | IKEA as Status Symbol?
9/23/09 10:42 AM

I've got to ask; why not just put a houseplant in your room?

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9/21/09 03:10 PM


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9/14/09 04:17 PM


I didn't realize it opened either.

Apartment Therapy New York | Brix Console by Julie Morringello Design Showcase 2009
9/2/09 01:09 PM

cootie catcher just sounds dirty.

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | How To: Make a Classic Cootie Catcher
8/27/09 02:57 PM

Very nice, but it seems like a design I've seen lots of places.

Apartment Therapy New York | NOMAD Floor Lamp by Steve Worden Design Showcase 2009
8/26/09 04:39 PM


Apartment Therapy Chicago | Fattened Eames Chairs
8/26/09 02:04 PM

What a waste of resources.

(you knew someone was going to say it)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | London's Architectural Association Summer Pavilion
7/23/09 03:07 PM

A craig's list coupon?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Scavenger: Pottery Barn Recharge Station - $50 San Francisco
7/22/09 01:07 PM

Neat idea. Maybe they need to go to a corded model that could offer more power and stir through thicker sauces.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Stirr: The Automatic Sauce Stirrer from √ɬľutensil
7/22/09 10:36 AM

isn't this called shabby chic?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: Embrace Imperfection
7/17/09 03:26 PM

Art is always wasteful.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Zip Tie Cocoons
7/13/09 04:18 PM