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OXO makes a mango splitter that separates the "cheeks" for you and gets close to the seed. It's really handy to use, and you tend to waste less of the fruit this way. Great buy if you eat a lot of mangos. I love mine!

How to Cut a Mango
2/21/12 04:26 PM

I have West Elm's Storage Bed Frame in queen and have the opposite problem. With the mattress perfectly centered, the slats are significantly exposed on both sides. This more or less hidden by the comforter when the bed is made, but I've wondered the same thing about my situation. I haven't measured or done any other investigation though.

How Should Mattress Fit in My New West Elm Bed? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
4/19/10 06:08 PM

You can get the stainless look of the Slice Laundry Bin for much cheaper with Ikea's Rundel Laundry Bin ($39.99).

10 Hampers to Air Your Dirty LaundryRoundup | Apartment Therapy DC
3/4/10 02:11 PM