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This house is just right - even down to the dog! I love that it is creative yet not over done. Bravissimo.

Kelsey & Mike's Comfortable and Quirky Home House Tour
8/26/13 04:27 PM

We rent too - and we have four kids! I've gotten the same reaction - we like the freedom of renting. Right now we rent a home that is directly behind our children's school - so they go out our back gate and up the school steps. Even if the dreamiest house came on the market, it would be difficult to give up the freedom and convenience of our current set-up!

I'm Renting...And Okay with That
3/27/13 04:07 PM

I say alter it. I inherited quite a few pieces of furniture from my parents when they redecorated. There was one large dark wood wardrobe that we moved from room to room - we called it the black hole because it was so large and overpowering. I never really like it anywhere and it eventually went to the garage. When getting ready for a new baby, we "bit the bullet" and painted that wardrobe a cheery yellow - and LOVE it! It now makes me happy to look at it - and it is no longer hiding in the garage.

Is It Okay to Alter Family Furniture? Good Questions
1/21/13 02:24 PM

I have curtains made out of the floral - bought the fabric at my local discount fabric store (FM Fabrics in Springfield, MO) for $8.99 a yard. I love the fabric - makes me happy every time I walk in my living room!

Where Can I Find These Fabrics?
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4/11/11 04:07 PM

Love powder coating!!! I had some old lockers powder coated for our mudroom and currently have four Bertoia chairs being powdercoated. I've spray painted many a thing, and powdering coating is so much more durable. $100 for an ironing board may be a bit high depending on where you live. I had two quotes for my chairs - one was $140 per chair and the other was $25 per chair. I went with $25. I paid $175 to have the old rusty lockers sandblasted and then powder coated - totally worth every penny.

Make Things Pop with Powder Coating
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9/16/10 04:34 PM

West Elm has a bunch on sale - check it out. They are at most $699.

Help Me Find the Perfect Dresser!
7/30/10 10:23 AM

I love this house!!! The use of space is so pleasing to the eye - plus all of the great modern furniture inside doesn't hurt either. My FAVORITE is the hanging chair!

Todd's 'Unbuildable' Modern Home
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7/29/10 08:10 PM

These are clearance at this site - was just checking them out today and then saw this post!

Core Bamboo Organic Tabletop: Bowls, Trays, and Servers | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
7/27/10 08:24 PM

The shape of your cabinets (esp. the one by the mirror) is so cute. I was a "paint everything girl" - but am starting to be converted back to not painting my wood. After painting lots of wood in my home, I've discovered it is harder to clean, it chips off and looks cheap, things stick to a painted surface that didn't stick to the wood surface, etc.

I think your bathroom has LOTS of potential, but (in my opinion) the key would be to reduce the amount of stuff and colors. I would:

1.) Make the bathroom predominantly PINK & BROWN with WHITE accents.

2.) Display only 1-2 colors of towels - like your bright pink ones best and then white is a nice complement without making the space to busy. Relegate towels to the middle shelf only. (This doesn't mean you have to get rid of the towels that don't match this color scheme, just don't display them - store them in the bottom cabinets or linen closet).

3.) Get storage containers for your above toilet shelves that are pink, white, or brown. I think woven/rattan baskets of the same size and color - two large for the both shelves, two smaller for the top shelf - put towels in the middle.

4.) Remove all your toiletries that are sitting out or on top of the shelf by the mirror and put them in the baskets over the toilet.

5.) Line the inside of the sliding doors of the small rectangular shelf/cabinet with opaque paper (contact paper or attractive scrapbooking paper you affix with double sided tape). This will keep the clutter from your toiletries from being seen. Pick paper that is pink, white, brown pattern or solid of one color.

6.) Replace current artwork with one bold image. I searched pink flower photo on Etsy (there are tons to choose from) - I liked this one - flower photo&ga_search_type=&ga_page=31&order=&includes[]=tags&includes[]=title.

7.) Move pink clock to be centered above bathroom mirror that is over the sink.

That's my two cents - for whatever it is worth! Have fun - and I hope you love your bathroom once you're done!

What Color to Paint Bathroom Cabinets? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
7/12/10 09:49 AM

Have twins - agree with the EZ2nurse recommendations. I used it with my twins and it was a lifesaver...just wish they made cuter covers for it! I also either nursed on the couch (daytime) or in our bed (nighttime). My husband would go and get the babies as I set up the pillows (a ton of them around me) and then I would nurse both at once. Who ever would stop first my husband would burp and then I would burp the second one - all would go back to bed until the next hungry baby awoke! : )

Nursery Seating for Multiples | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
6/30/10 11:28 AM

We just moved and I purged a ton before we came to the new house. I set up the house with about 1/2 the furniture (the rest was waiting in the garage - too heavy to move in myself). I found when I finally had some heavy lifters - I didn't like the remaining furniture in the house. I had never tried a sparser existence - but it is quite nice!

Is Less More? | Apartment Therapy DC
6/28/10 10:49 AM

Sounds like your wife and my husband could form a support group, "Neglected Yet Tolerant Spouses whose Significant Others are Obsessed with Decorating their New Space". We are moving this Saturday (finally!) into a 1950's house. I've been buying and selling on Craigslist and Ebay for the last month switching out our furniture/decor for more mid-century furnishings. I have had things reupholstered - took a rusty antique locker to a powder coating shop for our mudroom - going to get some CL finds striped & stained and like you said can't stop looking for "deals & steals" for the new house! Perhaps once we actually move I can focus more on putting it together and slow down on the acquisition part!

Knowing When to Slow Down After Moving to a New Space | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/16/10 10:12 AM

There is a difference between knowing and not knowing. Could I live in a house not knowing about the crime - probably. Once I knew, eek probably not. Beyond being squeamish about strange sounds etc., I think it could have a saddening effect being remind daily about someone else's torture/pain as you walk through that particular room.

Real Estate where Really Awful Things Happened | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/11/10 03:24 PM

If it is going to be an eye sore for you, I say post a "FREE to he/she that can remove" in the Free section on Craigslist. That way - if it is destroyed on the way out, you don't have a buyer who is upset.

Keep the Big Sofa or Say Goodbye? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
6/7/10 02:40 PM

We just replaced old flooring in 1/2 our house with wood. We were going to use bamboo but kept hearing from salespeople and from a few friends who have installed it that it is fairly soft and marks/scratches easy. I never knew that - so we decided against it.

But ditto on that dresser - it is beautiful, wherever is it from???

5 Beautiful, Eco-Friendly Flooring Choices | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
6/2/10 09:06 AM

My children started doing this on their own - dipping their chalk in leftover puddles etc. At first I wasn't sure about it (it wasn't the proper way to do sidewalk chalk : ) !) - but they like it SO much better so experimentation and creativity won me over!

Wet Sidewalk Chalk | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
5/22/10 09:00 AM

Molly - found this on the link provided by Lowes - info provided by their creative team. I was wondering the same thing.

"The chains used in this project are designed to use with boats and are plenty strong to hold people and the materials. Attach this project to 2x beams or joists. We recommend no more than 2 large adults sitting or 1 large adult sleeping on this project at one time. A safe weight limit would be 500 pounds. "

Modern Porch Swings: DIY Inspiration | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/13/10 10:59 AM

My favorite babysitters are the ones that clean! It is so nice to come home to a house that has been tidied. We've had sitters wash dishes, stow toys, fold laundry, sweep, vacuum, etc. of their own accord and we always feel pleasantly surprise - never invaded.

Cleaning Someone Else’s Home: Helpful or Creepy? | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/5/10 10:50 AM

We have two dogs (one large and HAIRY - the other medium and wirey) and we had this hair problem too. We were the "cuddle with the dogs on the couch" type until the hair was suffocating us. We've made two changes that made a HUGE difference in the hair department. We bought a leather (Natuzzi) couch and we trained the dogs to stay off the furniture. They occasionally can up for a rare cuddle when invite, but otherwise on the floor they go. I'm able to wear black again and actually sit down at home without becoming an unsightly fur ball. Now I just sweep the floor a few times a week (wood floors) and we're all happy - even my 10 month old who is crawling on the floor.

Coping With The Spring Shed in a Small Place | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/15/10 10:16 AM

Don't like the bathroom shot either - we're not here to look at that - we want to see good design which that totally detracts from.

Small Cool 2010: William's Open Space Little Division #13 | Apartment Therapy New York
4/14/10 08:10 PM