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You have no idea how much I envy you. I'd love to be able to live a life like that since I too have to move frequently. Hauling my stuff every year quickly becomes a drag.

But as it gets very cold in here during the winter ( I live in Finland) I just can't live in an RV or such.

Why Less Can Mean More | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/7/10 03:11 PM

I just don't understand how apartments of 500 sqft and up are considered to be 'small'... Personally I'd like this contest more if it would allow just homes under 300-400 sqft and you'd have separate contests for bigger homes.

As a person who lives in a shoebox sized apartment, I often try to search for innovative tiny apartments but can't find anything. Because people call their apartment 'small' or 'tiny' when it's under 1500sqft.

Changing the categories might be a good idea. A contest for apartments in the range of 200-350sqft, another for 350-500sqft and so on.

The 6th Annual Small, Cool Home Contest Coming Soon! | Apartment Therapy New York
4/4/10 01:27 PM

That cowhide is a bit 'what' for me, but other than that this is awesome! Definitely an idea that has made me look all those old and beaten cabinets with a different mindset.

I've tried to find something like this for some time now, and all those new cabinets that are made out of real wood are usually very expensive and hence out of my reach. But getting an old cabinet like this and then restoring it could be a good solution. So thanks for the tip :)

How To Deck Out an Old Record Cabinet Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/4/10 03:17 AM