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Wow, love the change. I'm trying to do the same thing in my kitchen. Don't want to invest too much but the 1990's wants its kitchen back. Did you do the labor yourself?

Before & After: Melissa's Country-Meets-City Kitchen Makeover The Big Reveal
7/25/14 12:26 PM

Now that's a makeover. Unfamiliar with the line but wondering if you had to repair veneer or if it was solid hardwood. Either way, bravo!

Before & After: An Army Green Vintage Broyhill Goes AWOL
7/11/14 12:17 PM

A gorgeous house. Love the use of color. The chocolate brown and the green in the kitchen. Plus it also feels very lived in and happy. Not like a show house! Thanks for sharing.

The Pineapple Housewife's Happy Home House Tour
7/11/14 12:14 PM

Gorgeous color and congrats on getting past the resale phobia. What a lovely collection of Pyrex. I'm envious.

Before & After: A Bright, Budget-Friendly DIY Kitchen Makeover Under $1500
6/23/14 09:54 AM

Love the pattern mixing in the living room and bedroom. Great use of color without being overwhelming. Good choice on the red tulip also. Nice staging detail. Lovely place.

Rae's Bright & Beautiful Apartment Small Cool Contest
5/22/14 02:46 PM

Gorgeous space. Particularly love the use of color. I'm inspired. Thanks for sharing your home.

Meg's Classic Glamor Apartment House Tour
4/29/14 01:40 PM

What a lovely tour! I love the contrast of the color and detail. Plus the kids and puppies. I have a sudden urge to paint my kitchen cabinets red.... Thanks for sharing your home

Emily and Kai's Thoughtful and Stunning Abode House Tour
4/21/14 05:58 PM

Must have Wonder Woman art!!!! Love the entry way. Very warm and inviting. The rug was definitely a good indulgence and the pattern on the floor is a lovely touch.

Cinda & Mark's House of Chic Contrasts House Tour
2/4/14 03:27 PM

Gorgeous. So lucky with all the architectural details like the brick. Love the owl alcove and the tennis shoes. Your art and style shine through so clearly. So impressed your second bedroom isn't a storage room like mine! Thanks for sharing your home.

Ashley's Chic & Funky Loft House Tour
7/31/13 06:17 PM

Love that big black and white piece in the dining room And tons of plants! My kind of place. Thanks for sharing your home.

Manuel & Colt's Southwest Modern Apartment House Tour
7/25/13 03:46 PM

Great job. White for the metal would have worked also but its harder to keep clean outside. Love the tabletop!

Before & After: Patio Table Gets Rustic Chic Makeover
7/24/13 04:15 PM

The creamy blueberry is my favorite but I think it might be a bit feminine. I'd do the Stormy night.

Before: Bonnie's Bedroom Needs a Bold Makeover Glidden® Paint's Boldest Before and Afters
7/22/13 02:37 PM

Love the tile also and the wood wall treatment in the breakfast nook. What a great makeover! The whole feel of the kitchen is cohesive and welcoming.

Alysha & Matt's Renewed Seattle Kitchen Kitchen Tour
6/26/13 04:57 PM

I love the gold and white vase and lidded bowl. Very zen kitchen!

Eileen's Beachside Oasis Kitchen Kitchen Tour
5/21/13 11:40 AM

What a lovely home to bring the newborns home to! My best wishes to the family and the baby still in the NICU.

Molly and John's Light-Filled Home for Five House Tour
5/15/13 06:20 PM

I think the nail head pattern is lovely.

Before & After: An Art Deco Makeover Akicsihaz
5/15/13 06:02 PM

I think I might still try and go for the expensive upholstered piece since it would be more durable. I try not to buy too many pieces that are "just for now" anymore. But the rest of the accessories, I would definitely go with the less expensive options. A $200 pillow will never fit my lifestyle.

One Design, Two Budgets:
Chic, Comfortable Sitting Room

5/8/13 06:33 PM

Love the bedroom. Bay windows and hardwood. I'm saving up to do hardwood floors also because I agree about it being the best impact. Lovely, lovely home. Thanks for sharing.

Eunice's Clean & Well-Lit Place House Tour
5/3/13 01:19 PM

Love the chandelier in the stairwell and the coral door. Great example of making small architectural changes that really improve the space. Very inspiring.

Claire & Jeffrey's Kitchen: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
4/18/13 06:22 PM

What a find! Love the colors. Can't make out the signature but maybe you could google it?

Info on Artist & Value of Bubblegum Machine Print? Good Questions
4/18/13 05:23 PM