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Ranuculus.. love them and allthe colors they come in!

What's Your Favorite Flower to Decorate With?
4/19/11 07:22 PM

Elizabeth Taylor was more than a name to remember, she was Angelina, Charlie Sheen and Meryl Streep all rolled into one! a Force of Nature. I watched Who's afraid of Virginia Wolfe with my 70 year old father. Even in that role slightly messy and intentionally nasty she was mezmerizing. My Dad couldn't keep his eyes off her! Beautiful that she took all that magnatizism and made something profound from it with her AIDS work. RIP Liz

Elizabeth Taylor & BUtterfield-8 Blue
Color Therapy

3/24/11 09:39 PM

OMG this is about my living room. I have wide plank wood from floor and ceiling the same color as the last pic (bedroom one) with light red oak under the carpets. I can't wait to paint cause a little goes a long way. Planning on leaving one feature wall that will have tv on it. that pic gives me a good idea of what it will look like thanks!

Warm & Cozy: Modern Wood Walls
12/17/10 06:03 PM

What you are celebrating, if you are not a "believer", is solstice or kwanza something other than the birth of Christ. It is sort of like expecting presents and having a party for ET's the extra terrestrials birthday if you are not at least christian. If you like decorating things do that all year long, there is nothing wrong with that. If you are a christian and are celebrating the birth of christ you can decorate for christmas any way you feel comfortable. I guess to me it is just that simple. Anyways Happy Holiday(s)!

Religious Christmas Decor?
12/1/10 05:52 PM

OMG this woman is my hero! She can organize anything clearly!

An Impressive Craft Closet

10/5/10 10:30 PM

A willingness to listen to your renovation partner (if you are lucky enough to have one) and the ability to take some really, really deep breaths when things go in the toilet, or on your head, or somewhere else they are not in the plans to go!

Your Other DIY Toolbox
10/1/10 09:47 AM

I agree with Phil 121. I have a tremendous amount of wide paneling in my living space. Some was painted an eggshell Cream color with a wall left to show off the wood (very similar in tone). Any floor will go with it. Awsome tub!

Cedar Walls in the Bath — Should They Stay or Go?
Good Questions

9/16/10 06:50 PM

Try pure Boric Acid in powder form where ever you think they are coming inside from. I have used it to great success even better than raid, etc. Had them coming in my kitchen from under a porch perched a few inches from a concrete patio. Put some in the space and even some on the countertop away from where the food is prepared. It is even effective a little wet. It is the active ingredient in Borax but much stronger. You may have to go online or to a pharmacy. Good luck!

High Hopes of Eradicating Ant Problem
9/13/10 06:57 PM

YOu can also get some pretty inexpensive sliding doors with frosted plexi in them at some of the bargain home supply stores. They usually come in white or wood (grain?) they are actually pretty nice and modern looking. We put them in our main entry way closet and it looks very streamlined. If you get the white you can paint them if you want more color. As for the tile, try clearance sections of big tile wholesalers and mix tiles with a common theme. You often cannot find a large lot of a single tile there but you can make some interesting patterns and designs from them. Good luck!

Materials to Modernize this Area? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
7/7/10 06:54 PM

I would really like to know who actually looks at any any first or last and thinks adorable. I get that scaley feeling the minute I look at one. I think I watch too much animal planet!

NO MORE ANTS! Roundup | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/23/10 10:19 PM

I too am not creeped out easily, I think these are adorable. Can't wait to get my hands on one haha

Arms & Crafts Ceramics by Krasznai | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/27/10 10:35 PM

They look alot like communist stars of the 50's especially in red. I'm just sayin'...

Country Cool: Barnstars | Apartment Therapy Boston#comments
4/19/10 09:27 PM

Just sprayed an old jewelry armoire with white and even a hair too much paint on an upright surface and it drips and there is nothing you can do to fix it. While Spray paint does a nice job of a smooth finish, on upright furniture it can drips horribly. Be prepared if you spray paint to lay the piece flat and spray and complete one side at a time.

Tips for Lacquering a Faux Bamboo Nightstand? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston#comments#comments
3/22/10 07:34 PM

Wow I thought I was the only person with this problem. I have my grandmothers waterford along with all the pieces I recieved over the years at christmas. Three years ago I moved into a VERY mid-century modern house, complete with wide paneling walls and vaulted ceiling in the living area. IN addition I inherited the queen anne style china cabinet that held all her pieces.
As you know, you can't get waterford too hot so really sunny places and fireplaces are out of the question. I have kept most of my pieces in the china cabinet and I think it works mostly because the paneling in the livingroom (the only place the humongous cabinet would fit) actually is very close in color. Seems to blunt some of the effect of having it not really "go with" the style of the house. I just cannot display waterford without some light on it. My suggestion is to visit an antique or "junk shop" and find a glass front cabinet for a few hundred dollars and as long as it is not a valuable collector piece, paint it to go along with either your walls or the general color scheme of the area it will be in. It will flow much better if it doesn't match the style of the house or other furniture. Whatever you do, don't sell it unless you are sure. Some of the pieces my grandmother left to me were shipped and destroyed in transit. I cried for days and didn't realize how much I would miss them. Of course if you do sell, let me know ;) Don't forget to add some light with some battery operated or wired if you can mini lights.

Displaying Heirloom Crystal in a Modern Home? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
3/16/10 08:31 PM

I have several masks like this but they have ties attached from the side. If you don't want to put holes in the side to put ribbon through you can attach the ends of ribbon to interesting buttons and "button hole" through the eye openings and tie it from there. I have mine hanging off the corners of a mirror in a dressing room. It is how I saw them displayed when I bought them. Yours is gorgeous!

How To Hang a Carnival Mask? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/2/10 08:11 PM