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I have painted many dropcloths that were used as rugs. I have also painted furniture {yep!} and the secret to getting it smooth is sanding with fine sandpaper after every coat. The paint causes the fibers to swell and rise and it feels scratchy. Sanding it will elliminate all the 'scratch' and make it smooth as fabric.

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10/17/12 11:36 PM

I am working on a showhouse and just painted horizontal stripes on 15 ft tall walls. Not a fast job! I hate the blue tape but would never attempt that many stripes freehand so I tried the frog tape. Let me just say that this stuff has changed my life!! I paint all the time and FINALLY someone has made a tape that works just as beautifully as the commercial shows! It has a polymer edge that activates when latex paint hits it (apparently it doesn't work with oils) and it really does not allow ANY paint to seep through. I will never buy the blue tape again.

Cutting In: What's Your Preference?
8/12/10 12:55 PM

I purchased this bed for a client. It looks great in person. It is extremely heavy and very sturdy. The only draw back is that Viva Terra gives the delivery to an outside company. It took about 2 months to get the bed (and this was after many phone calls to VT and the delivery company). Also--remember that you need a low profile boxspring (otherwise, about 3/4ths of your boxspring is exposed). I give it 2 thumbs up!!

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3/2/10 01:16 PM