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I've made it many, many times by myself, without a machine. Just roll the dough out by hand...takes a bit of work, but I find it theraputic. With proper dough it doesn't take too long to roll it out. Then just cut it by hand--a simple way to make fettucine or linguine is, after rolling it out, to roll it up jelly-roll style, then cut it like you're making cinnamon rolls (use whatever thickness you want)...unravel each strand and let it dry. That's how my Sicilian grandmother taught me. I have a pasta machine as well (and old one from Italy), but don't use it too often, I prefer the method I just described.

Make Great Fresh Pasta at Home: Tips From My Italian Mother-in-Law
10/26/12 09:50 AM

actually it looks like broccoli rabe

How Do You Cook Your Broccoli?
10/25/11 02:59 PM

what grain is that in the photo, kamut?

Wonderfully Warming: Toast Your Grains
9/28/11 07:55 PM

hmm...that's a good point! Whenever I'm slicing mozzarella, the best parts are the parts I rip off and eat!! Why didn't I ever think to do that with the whole ball?

Quick Summertime Tip: Rip Your Mozzarella
The Cheesemonger

8/18/11 09:04 AM

I used fresh ricotta (cow's milk, but it was fresh from a local producer), and used a little more than half the amount of honey called for here; plenty sweet for me that way, but you may like it different. I just put it into the fridge, but it tasted really, really good--can't wait to have it with the cherries!!

Recipe: Ricotta Mousse With Balsamic-Pepper Cherries
8/16/11 03:39 PM

Go to a headshop (smoke shop, where they sell "water pipes" and other paraphenelia). All of them sell brushes of various sizes to properly clean the various pipes, bongs, etc...some brushes are firm bristled, some are softer, there is usually a lot to choose from.

What's the Best Way to Clean a Fancy Bundt Pan?
Good Questions

8/3/11 08:29 AM

LOVE cucuzza!! Love it sauteed with garlic and olive oil and fresh tomatoes, over pasta.

What Can I Do With This Absolutely Enormous Squash?
Good Questions

7/19/11 11:21 AM

I don't trust "natural" versions of products that are decidedly unnatural--like Lays potato chips. When I do buy chips, I buy them at Whole foods or Trader Joe's, or from a small manufacturer. I just don't trust a large corporate conglomerate that's known for junk food.

Skeptical Shoppers: How Much Do You Trust Food Labels?
6/1/11 08:32 AM

Growing up, I usually had two birthday parties--one with kids, and one with family. The one with kids was usually a homemade cake, the one with family was a cake from one of the many good Italian bakeries in my area. Mine was usually yellow cake with cannoli cream and bananas or strawberries inside, whipped cream on the outsite. Nowadays, no kids party of course, but still have one with family every year, with a yummy cake from the same bakeries...

Modern Or Traditional: What's Your Birthday Cake Style?
5/18/11 08:18 AM

I've had that--love it. The same brand also makes "pocket espresso", which I've never seen in the US but is all over Italy. It's this tiny pod, kind of looks like what you see above, except it's plastic and filled with a kind of chocolatey espresso. It comes with a little straw. It's basically a portable little shot of espresso!

After Dinner Treat: Espresso Chocolates From Italy
5/16/11 10:39 AM

Seasonal stuff. I always get into a bit of a rut this time of year--I'm done with heavy braises and soups, but there isn't much produce in season yet. Not yet ready for light caprese salads, etc. What to eat, what to eat...

It's Dinner Week at The Kitchn!
3 Square Meals (and Dessert!)

4/18/11 11:17 AM

Growing up in an Italian-American neighborhood, my lunches were pretty close to those of my schoolmates, though maybe different from kids in other areas of the country--lunch was often a sandwich made with salami or capicola (my favorite) and fresh mozzarella or provolone on semolina bread, some olives on the side, sometimes cheese, in the winter soup in a stermos was popular.

But I did love sardine sandwiches! This used to get me teased, but I didn't care, I used to beg my mom for them! She was hesitant because she didn't want me to get teased, but it certainly didn't bother me at all. Oh, and anchovy and provolone sandwiches. So stinky, so good. Still a favorite of mine on some good bread.

School Lunch Mockery: How "Normal" Were Your Lunches?
4/15/11 08:09 AM

I have a couple of Cliff bars, a bag of almonds, wasabi peas, Trader Joe's fiberful fruit bars, and several kinds of tea. None of these would ever substitute for lunch though. When I have forgotten my lunch, I've just grabbed something out (usually a sandwich)

What Do You Eat When You Skip Lunch?
4/14/11 04:21 PM

How is it called a burrito? That's not a tortilla.

Italian Street Food Recipe: Homemade Piadinas
4/14/11 04:19 PM

water and sometimes wine, too.

Do You Drink with Your Meals?
4/14/11 08:41 AM

My partner drives us to work each day; often I eat in the car as she drives, and she eats when she gets to work. I would eat at home, but I don't want to sacrifice having to wake up any earlier than I have to!!

First Thing or Not At All: When Do You Eat Breakfast?
4/8/11 01:43 PM

don't like. isn't this basically a messy parfait in a jar? wtf?

Cupcakes In a Jar! The Latest Cupcake Craze
3/22/11 04:30 PM

I'm not their target demographic for this. I don't even buy their regular cream cheese, let alone this crap.

What the Heck is Philadelphia "Cooking Creme"?
3/21/11 10:34 AM

hey phlora, where are you from? New Orleans?

Great Guest Gifts to Spread Holiday Cheer

12/16/10 09:57 AM

Hm, I wonder how this would be with flavored cream the pumpkin cream cheese from Trader Joe's...hmmm...

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The Cheesemonger

12/15/10 03:08 PM