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I can't believe how rude people here are! I love to see what interior decisions people make, whether I personally like them or not. It is not a matter for me to judge others taste. If you have nothing nice to say don't say it!

Before & After: It's All About the Details in this Kitchen Makeover
3/12/14 01:21 PM

GMO seeds are genetically manipulated, that is they have been created by inserting a new gene or silencing an existing one in the plant genome. Transgenic plant can thus be made to express a gene from another organism. This is often done to improve plant's pesticide resistance.

However, very often genes have several jobs within its carrier so that not only do they affect the trait in focus, but also all sorts of other traits as well. Currently we have still limited knowledge of these other functions let alone the ecological consequences of transgenic plants. For example, they may produce some metabolites that are toxic to their pests but also to their pollinators and herbivores that we would actually welcome to our garden! So, GMO seeds are certainly not organic nor are they recommended if you don't want unwanted surprises for your garden wildlife.

Can You Provide Clarification on GMO Seeds for Gardening? Good Question | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
3/1/10 02:13 PM