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Thanks! We think she's pretty cute around here, too. Especially when she puckers up to give us kisses. Precious.

The Legwarmers were a gift from a friend in exchange for some modeling Galilee did for her etsy shop. She's got a lot of cute designs and does custom orders all the time:

Happy Birthday Galilee
7/20/11 11:48 AM

Same story here: I desperately wanted to get my almost 3 year old potty trained before preschool in September. We picked a 3 day weekend (so husband would be home for back-up), and I told my son that he was growing and turning into such a big boy now and the diaper company didn't make diapers for big boys anymore. We completely took diapers away (no looking back) and for the first few days we set the timer and he would sit on his favorite little froggy potty in front of the TV for 5 minute increments every 15, then 20, then 25 minutes. It was tedious, but he learned the routine and how to go potty. We borrowed a Flip diaper cover from his baby sister with a prefold cloth diaper and told him it was his "special underwear" that he could wear for naps and nighttime. He usually woke up dry anyway. It took several weeks of consistent reminding ("do you have to peepee?") but he had that eventual "aha moment" and realized that he could tell when he had to go.

Some tips: He only liked to go potty in one special potty seat. This one: If your child is refusing to use the potty, try a different potty seat! The first one we tried was actually too small for him and he was uncomfortable on it. The froggy potty is GREAT for little boys!!!

Don't use diapers again! If you have to use "special underwear" just don't refer to it as a diaper!

My son also LOVED public restrooms. He thinks that it's so fun to go on the really big potty. I carry one of these in my diaper bag: It folds up really small and he likes to sit on it.

Let your child wipe him/herself and help to flush the potty. He is always so proud of himself when he flushes!

Good luck to everyone! It's a lot of work, but consistency really pays off!

Let's Get This Potty Started Right: Potty Training Woes & Wisdom
7/19/11 03:50 PM

we had a set of stairs like this ("floating" with angled steps) up to my brother's lofted bedroom in our house growing up. My dad, who designed and built our house, said it was to reduce the footprint of the staircase.

A Bright Loft With Bubbly Stairs
Arch Daily

6/7/11 03:49 PM

I bought a similar cover from walmart for less than $5 last year. It was still cute and 95% cheaper!

I loved that it was like a "protective bubble" around the baby the first few weeks- strangers couldn't poke at her like they did with my first baby.

The BabbaCover Infant Seat Cover
6/3/11 01:46 PM

i had a similar toy bag when I was a kid-- 26 years ago! I still use it for my kids, it's held up well.

Swoop Bags: The Easy Way To Pick Up Toys
5/27/11 09:26 AM

If you do buy a second crib now, you can keep your son in it until he's old enough for a single or twin bed, and therefore bypassing the toddler bed altogether...
on the other hand, I don't think he would be too young for a toddler bed at 15 months (if you use the bassinet for the first bit with your new baby). Our son was about 17 months when we put him in a toddler bed and he did great in it. In fact, he loved it! We just super toddler-proofed his room as best as we could and he was too young to figure out how to open his door, so he was essentially "locked in" and couldn't roam about the house. He just called for me when he was up and that was that. It worked great for us.

It's a very personal choice depending on your son and his sleeping habits.

Good luck with the new baby!!!!

Transitioning to a Bed (Or Not) When the 2nd Comes Along
Good Questions

1/5/11 01:34 PM

my carpenter brother-in-law made one of these last year for his son. It's super cute!

The Cubebot | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/26/10 09:33 AM

For whatever reason, both of my kids HATED their infant carseat (Maxi Cosi Mico). My 2 year old son cried every time he was in the car (very stressful) until we switched him over to a convertible at 4 months. My one month old daughter also cried every time she was in the Maxi Cosi, and we just recently switched her over to a convertible (she's so tiny in it!) and she loves it. Yes, we checked to make sure we were using the infant seat correctly. I think the snugness of the seat made it much too hot and uncomfortable for them (both summer babies).

So anyway... we used a convertible with both our infants and did not miss the infant seat at all! Just pop the baby in a sling when you get to the store.

Skipping the Infant Car Seat | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/12/10 03:28 PM

My toddler is OBSESSED with Monkey Preschool Lunchbox and Monkey Preschool When I Grow Up. Very cute apps!

What's On My iPhone? 5 Apps I Find Invaluable | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/1/10 09:10 AM

We have a diaper sprayer for our bumgenius 3.0 diapers. My son is almost two and, not to get too personal, has never had really "solid" poops that just plop in the potty. They're always a bit smooshy. The sprayer is a great pre-rinse to get the bulk off. However, it is sometimes hard to control the amount of pressure used, and you have to be really careful that it doesn't ricochet off the diaper onto the nearby walls!

The sprayer is also amazing for cleaning around the bathroom. I use it to rinse my tub and toilet after scrubbing.

I'm glad we have one.

Diaper Sprayer | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
5/21/10 01:05 PM