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Ditto ModHomeEcTeacher! Please someone provide information about the blue ottoman, pleaaaasseeee!!!!

On The Set: Sex And The City 2 | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/16/10 07:57 PM

I think we all agree that the bird steals the show. AT: can you provide any info on it?

DIY Dining Table Made from Wood Pallets ReadyMade | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
6/2/10 06:51 PM

House tour, please!

Seth Rebecca's El Parrot-Iso Island Home House Call | Apartment Therapy New York
6/2/10 06:37 PM

Beautiful! And in your bedroom, that is wallpaper done right!

Plus, I love your light gray sofa. And I noticed how smartly you've design your living room because all you need to do is change the throw pillows and throw and voila! a brand new look for your living room!

Anna's Neat Neutral House Call | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/18/10 05:49 PM

Sounds like a perfect DYI opportunity. And it seems like a basic enough project that's good for beginners. Specially since you already know the dimensions you want. Yup, I agree with the comments above.

Help Me Find a Long, Yet Narrow Desk? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
5/14/10 08:36 AM

Navy Blue ....

generally, try samples before committing

Wall Color For Room with Exposed Brick? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/12/10 01:23 PM

Called it! Congrats!

Congratulations Chris's Furniture Tetris! Small Cool 2010 Winner | Apartment Therapy New York
5/10/10 04:09 PM

Chris from Houston, TX. When I first saw his entry I immediately thought this is a special, smart, and definitely a small cool space.


Who Do You Think Will Win Small Cool This Year? | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/26/10 05:27 PM

Dude, your sense of humor is my favorite element so thumbs up!

Small Cool 2010: Steve's 'Charred Embers' International Division #24 | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/23/10 08:53 AM

Great job on sidestepping their price range....

Mitchell Gold Bob Williams Store Review | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/22/10 03:47 PM

I would've voted for this apartment if there were more pictures of it. That is to say, all the pictures shown were of only 1 room - the living room. And while nice, for an apt with 3 bedrooms, separate kitchen and dinning rooms, etc. I expected pictures of other rooms as well. Can't really judge how you've managed and decorated an apartment for 4 with pictures of only 1 room.

Nice living room though.

Small Cool 2010: Marcela's Cozy Collections International Division # 21 | Apartment Therapy DC
4/21/10 07:33 PM

Please tell us about painting the floors white. What kind of paint and process did you use? thanks

Small Cool 2010: Emily Erick's Trial by Fire Family Little Division #18 | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/16/10 04:45 PM

Awesome, Cool, Sold!... ok, but where or how do I buy it?

A Corner Table That Unfolds into a Full Table Sanna Lindström and Sigrid Strömgren | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/15/10 11:44 AM

First thing I would say is paint. It's an outside space so you may not think it's necessary. But I just don't see any way to enjoy that space without getting rid of the dirty gray and the just plain ol' dirt and grim on the walls. So paint! Could be white with some kelly green stripes or some warm colors like red and orange or maybe this is a chance to use some cool wall vinyls - you know, the kind you stick on.

Second, per the dog, i don't think this is ever going to become a space where it can 'do his business' unless you plan to pick it up, in which case you might as well walk him. Having said that, you could probably get a large outside rug at for fairly cheap. My point is: if you hang out there, so will the dog. So get some patio furniture like a small table and two chairs.

Last suggestion, try growing some herbs or potted plants. it'll give some life to that space.

hope it helps

Design Ideas for a Dog Friendly Backyard? Good Question | Apartment Therapy New York
4/14/10 11:43 AM

just replace the toilet with something that doesn't look like you're on a sailboat, and you're of to a good start....

overall, I have to say, marble is alright by me, you could do a lot worse...

Ideas to Improve Marble Covered Bathroom?Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
4/13/10 06:18 PM

What's with the "somewhat surprisingly" ? or are you one of those who thinks NYC is only Manhattan and not the 5 boroughs? Park Slope has been an awesome place to live for very long time now...

The Best Neighborhoods in NYC New York Magazine | Apartment Therapy New York
4/13/10 01:25 PM

Sorry, meant funstraw, not oscurotropic, my bad

10 Small Space Solutions That Come In Under $100 | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/8/10 10:37 AM

I'm with oscurotropic. Why are pillow in this post? I love you AT, but this is a bit of a cop out (sp?), like you couldn't find enough things to put on here so you went with accessories...

Don't get me wrong, I like the pillows, they're just irrelevant as a small space solution

10 Small Space Solutions That Come In Under $100 | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/8/10 10:35 AM

I wanted to see the bedrooms and bathrooms as well. Too bad they weren't shown.

Sean Daphne's Industrial Rustic Downtown Hideaway House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
3/31/10 01:01 PM

The only thing that is "wrong" with it is that it's not an original, or to be exact, not a licensed reproduction. If you don't care about that, then just make sure the measurements and guarantees satisfy your needs and go for it.

There are tons of copies of famous designs out there. If you neither plan to resell it as an original, or care that it's not a 'true original' - again, go for it.

If you honestly just love the chair, not because it's from Eero Saarinen or anything like that, again, go for it.

I will say, though, the website provide quite a bit of historic info on Saarinen making it seem like it would be an original, but at that price, no way.

What is Wrong With this Chair? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/30/10 10:26 AM