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I'm so pissed mine right now. He promised that when he got a picnic table to put in the little apt. to do some model thing that he wouldn't horde his crap. A year and a half later and it's so piled up. And he's touched his model about 3-4 times. It wouldn't be so bad if we didn't pay over $70 month for offsite storage, and the shed that came with the apt. I have a sewing machine, a headboard and some stuffed animals. The rest is his crap and no one has looked at a damn thing in over 6 years. I wish I had some answers. And if anyone has any that your man (or woman) hasn't made you cry by considering your feelings worthless, please let me know. I am in desperate need of some help in getting him to understand or in need of a kind person to give up a nice size house so I can have one room that is crap free.

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3/1/10 12:51 AM