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When I have a bite that has swollen to a ridiculous size I break off a cabbage leaf, get it warm and wilted (I use an iron) and stick that leaf right on it for awhile. it works really well. Smells funny, but works well.

Use Bar Soap To Beat The Bite | Apartment Therapy Boston
7/22/10 09:01 AM

I love using denture tablets! I use them for vases, small mouthed water bottles, coffee cups, burnt on food product and I even toss one in my toilet before I go to bed. Minty fresh cleaning.

Tip: Cleaning Hard-to-Clean Vases | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/21/10 10:53 AM

how well does decoupage hold up to moisture? Would it work in a steamy bathroom or kitchen? And, would you be able to clean it with mild soap & water every-now-and-then? Should it be saved for bedrooms? I think it is a beautiful idea ~ I'm just not sure how livable it really is.

How To: Decoupage Your CeilingMr. Peacock DIY | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/27/10 01:29 PM