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www.northernbrewer.com is where I bought my husband the deluxe kit.

what kind of beer does your husband prefer? if he likes an ipa or a high ABV, you'd want to get him a kit with a secondary fermentor. in our experience with brewing beer at home, a second fermentation definitely makes a better beer. however, you can always begin with the starter kit and branch out. carboys can be bought separately.

also, if you don't know what kind of beer he likes or it may be awhile before he brews his first batch, i'd suggest letting him pick the brew kit. the grains should be used within a few weeks if they've been crushed.

best of luck! its a long but fun process!

What's the Best Beer-Making Kit for a New Home Brewer?
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12/21/11 09:43 PM

I second the New Glarus fruit beers. I've had their apple beer on a whim once and it was delicious. I ended up driving from Minneapolis, MN to Hudson WI just to get more!

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8/3/11 12:27 PM

anyone know where the glass log candleholder came from?? thanks!

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7/23/11 09:52 PM

anyone know where the tree stump candleholder came from??

Stacking up Style (and Books!)
7/23/11 09:25 PM

In the IKEA near me they have a wall of spare parts near the returns/customer service area. If you have one near you, then you may be in luck!

How Can I Repurpose IKEA's Expedit Shelves?
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5/9/11 01:46 PM

nevermind, i found the jars. for others who care, they are by Weck and can be found on the Heath Ceramics website: http://www.heathceramics.com/go/heath/homeware/store/index.cfm?storeCategoriesID=52

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4/26/11 04:14 PM


Can I ask where the jars came from in the photo of this yummy recipe? I've been looking for some jars just like that for my son's baby food!

Spring Desserts: 5 Great Pudding Recipes
4/26/11 04:10 PM

crap. you had me fooled. i was about to write a rude comment saying how crazy you guys are for believing the person that submitted this. now look who's the gullible one!!!

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4/1/11 01:34 PM

Thanks roxy72 and mayalaurent... i thought it could have been that couch. this post only reaffirms that i need the morgan couch!

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1/31/11 11:01 PM

anyone know what couch that is in their entry way? that is the perfect couch to fit a tight space in our home!

Maya & Patrick's Picture-Perfect, Lived-In Home
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1/31/11 03:27 PM

awesome! i just bought a new carbon steel wok and will have to try this out.

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1/31/11 02:12 PM

cans? could you specify what amount is in the cans of green curry paste and coconut milk... kinda vague!

Dinner Recipe: Slow Cooker Coconut & Green Curry Pork
12/31/10 06:53 PM

Really cool! :) Pesto would be so much easier with this food processor, my sad and tired processor doesn't do the job well.

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12/17/10 01:13 PM

pepsin: best brand? I think the Nordic Ware ones are the best! But, I may be partial because they are from Minnesota. They are made in the USA which I think is important!


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12/14/10 04:13 PM

Yay! That is what my son is going to be for halloween 2011.. unless he arrives a few days early! :)

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10/21/10 02:34 PM

#10 link is broken!
i found it though: http://www.ohdeedoh.com/ohdeedoh/how-to/easy-inexpensive-fabric-pompom-diy-105211

Pom Pom Fever!
10/21/10 02:33 PM

Oh, I love tea. I drink it daily and prefer it to coffee. So, I have a lot of teas that I just can’t live without.

My absolute favorite is

Jasmine Pearl Green Tea
It is a unique tea that is rolled up into little balls and scented with Jasmine. It is on the expensive side but I have brewed the same leaves 2-3 times and it still tastes lovely.


I recently got the chance to try Strawberry White Tea and I just loved it! I am not normally a fan of fruity teas but this one was light and wonderful. I got it from Indigo Tea locally in Minneapolis/St. Paul Area.

I also drink Matcha, a powdered green tea, every morning! I’ve had it several ways but I usually drink it with water or milk. I got mine directly from Japan so I do not have a good source for you!

Lastly, if you like roobis teas, Herb and Ginger has a ton of great flavors. I have tried their Summer Mango iced.

Time for Tea! Any Blends to Recommend? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/26/10 01:00 PM