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Wow! I don't understand the negative comments. This is amazing and impressive. I can barely build a sandwich in 2 days. Great job!

Roberto Gil's Plywood Party Tent My Great Outdoors | Apartment Therapy New York
7/15/10 07:37 PM

bepsf must have been in my entryway. I hung 3x4 of these mirrors with ease 3 years ago and they have never shifted.

Keeping Frames Level | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
7/15/10 07:16 PM

WOW!!! Nuff said.

Before After: Jenna's Patio Oasis My Great Outdoors | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/12/10 02:54 PM

Sheer adorable perfection! All of that hard work definitely paid off.

Tereasa's Modest Cottage House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/7/10 09:44 PM

Love the graffiti tag next to it!

Walking Into A Piece Of Art Look! | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/26/10 04:32 PM

Oh what timing on this post. I just sold my condo, my first place that was ever just all mine. I was ok until I loaded up the last of the cleaning supplies. I realized that was the last time I would ever lock the door behind me. We close at 3 pm today and I will be on my way back to NYC. So bittersweet.

Leaving a Beloved Apartment | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/5/10 07:15 AM

I could never live without my microwave. I use it for a lot of these ideas and for ramen too! But coming home after a long day and heating up leftovers quickly is just the best. And I don't have to dirty a pan and a plate like I would by heating it on the stove because I usually just eat it right out of the tupperware. Pure class. :-)

12 Home Hacks for Your Microwave | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
4/21/10 12:35 PM

For modern/vintage jewelry -


Our Favorite Etsy Stores — And Tell Us Yours! Roundup | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
4/21/10 12:29 PM

@ Andrea & Lindsay - I am in love love love with these studios. Do you mind messaging me the building info so I can potentially be your new neighbor this summer? Thanks! sasha@theperfectassistant.net

Furniture Layout Ideas for My New Studio? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
4/9/10 09:36 AM

@mviamontes, Thanks for the mini house tour. Very cute condo. Love the updated sink.

Open closets scare me. I love my walk in because I can close the door on the mess.

Open Closets in Small Spaces | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/8/10 02:50 PM

I was fully prepared to hate this because I am all about clean lines, but I am in awe. I love everything about your home. I feel like every item has an interesting story behind it. Thank you for sharing.

Suzi's European Country Style Condo House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/29/10 07:35 PM

As a person who has painted every single piece of wooden furniture that has ever passed through my front door, I love it. Paint can add so much character and is so easy to change rather than buying all new pieces. Good job!

Before After: Guest Bed Makeover Cozy Little Cave | Apartment Therapy New York
3/10/10 02:24 PM