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I think this kitchen (original) is made by the exact people that made the kitchen we are about to move to (in Murrieta). Same cabinetry, same floor, same double oven, same ceiling light! I've been trying to figure out what we want to do with it because it's a bit worse for the wear and we can't leave it as is. Your final result is like everything I've been loving on Pinterest. Great job and thanks for showing it can be done! If you wanted to share about your budget and sources, boy would I love it.

Before & After: Beth's Total Teardown Kitchen The Big Reveal
7/27/14 11:13 PM

My great aunt always has the nicest guest room. She keeps the top dresser drawer stocked with anything you could conceivably need: razors, travel size personal care stuff, new toothbrushes in packages, etc. And there is an alarm clock, and a little jar of chocolate mints next to the bed, and an empty drawer, and a place to put your suitcase. Not a busy room but clearly a place that was thought out with great care to the comfort of guests.

6 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Overnight Guests Feel at Home
7/27/14 09:33 AM

I use Dawn too but I have also had great luck with the Ecover brand stain remover which is marketed as an environmentally friendly product.

How To Remove Grease Stains Cleaning Lessons from The Kitchn
7/9/14 09:27 PM


This is incidentally a very good website for people (celiacs or anyone who is just going "wtf") to read very well researched info about why gluten might be a concern in a seemingly "single ingredient" food, or any other issues pertaining to celiac disease.

Why Are Some Oats Labeled Gluten-Free? Aren't They Always Gluten-Free? Ingredient Intelligence
6/27/14 12:09 AM

Do normal people buy no more than three bags of groceries at once? Or are you supposed to get two or three of these?

10 Car Trunk Organizers For Your Groceries Product Roundup
6/20/14 11:39 PM

What is going on with cherries right now, actually? Last year I was seeing them at $3-$5 for a bag of red cherries, and the good yellow ones were $1-$2 more. Now my regular grocery store has the red ones for $6-$8 depending, and I couldn't find the yellow ones anywhere until this week when I saw some at the shitty grocery store with no price. When I went to ring them up they were $15, no lie. Is this hell?

What's Making Us Happy This Week Editor Picks for June 17
6/18/14 06:30 AM

I want to know what that blue paint is too! It's super good.

Hey, It's Okay to Give Yourself A Break in the Morning
6/16/14 04:07 PM

We have to pack food on flights because of allergies/celiac, and we can't pack any straight up produce because we're always flying to California. My go-to is a tofu salad that's like curried egg salad: mash raw tofu into chunks, add mayo (or vegenaise -- my husband is allergic to eggs), diced honeycrisp apples, golden raisins, diced celery, and curry powder. Sometimes some herbs or greens, and I pack it in a glass mason jar. The TSA likes the glass jars because they can do a visual check without opening it, and I like them because they're not leaky. There's no cheese in this (some cheeses apparently read like some explosives so they may have to do a paper test on your cheese if you bring cheese -- this happened to us). If made right, this salad is just on the right side of dry enough to not be interpreted as a liquid by anyone. And you can eat it on the bread of your choosing. I choose "Gluten Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread" herb focaccia for next time!

Why Is Airport Food So Terrible? Kitchen Diary: Kate in New York City
6/1/14 12:07 AM

We wanted to go gender neutral too and we ended up focusing not so much on gender colors but activities we value. I love nature and especially forests so we ended up doing shades of green and little pops of other colors like orange (like forest mushrooms) and violet (like many shade dwelling plants) and sky blue. I was really happy with that because it reflected something I so enjoy -- and it wasn't really a "themed nursery" just something that I had kind of a mood board for. What draws you to that shade of teal? Your color ideas sound totally reasonable in my opinion... I would try doing a Pinterest search on "teal" + something that appeals to you ("beach", "library", anything!)

I'm Stuck: How To Decorate Gender-Neutral Nursery? Good Questions
5/21/14 11:53 AM

I super love every detail of this place. And then you have good books and Terre d'Hermes? Is it creepy if I ask if we can be friends? So great.

Erin's Modern Loft House Tour
5/13/14 05:33 PM

My parents asked me to chose paint colors for their house when they bought it and one of the most challenging rooms was the small bathroom with somewhat lurid mustardy yellow tiles and fixtures. Finally, I ended up choosing a shade of off white that had undertones of the tile color, and then a brighter pure white ceiling and trim. I was worried it would be a huge mustard fest but it ended up feeling really serene and because there was so little color competition the room felt a lot airier. The previous owners had made it really "fun" and done a dark violet accent wall in the bathroom and that had looked horrible. (The other nice thing about how we did it is that because it sort of faded the tile, we could chose other things to stand out -- like the bathroom mirror and some lovely handmade wood shelving.) So I would grab a billion shades of off white and think about which one makes the tile look like a nice color without competing, rather than going for some intense high contrast look that's really going to "showcase" your tile.

Color Ideas to Work with 1960s Bathroom Tile? Good Questions
5/9/14 11:35 AM

Thank god for that inspiring teal room... I moved into a space I can't change much and one room has dark teal damask wallpaper. I am at a constant loss. I like what you did! Will be taking some inspiration from you there...

Sarah's Warm Bohemian Home
House Tour

7/3/12 01:05 PM

Dudes. You would all die of aesthetic shock if you entered the semi-furnished house I currently rent (it was what I could afford while on hiatus from work to care for my infant son). I think it literally contains every allergy thing listed here... maybe thats why my "snobby high horse" list was so freakin' long! As I type this, I grind my teeth and stare at the living room wallpapered in hunter green damask and decorated with not one but three taxidermy ducks. Behind me looms a three foot by four foot realistic original oil painting of a dark dirty barn crowded shoulder to shoulder with fuchsia hogs (at least 18 faces are shown, but the hogs go on forever onto the darkness of the endless barn). This is my reality! I'll still invite anyone over. Maybe you AT folks can help me find a way to embrace these stomach churning elements -- after all, it's this kind of stuff that leads me to this website, thinking, "maybe I can find a way to make it work on AT!"

I'm seriously mystified by those who are like "I would never be so shallow as to not like something in someone's house and if anyone ever didn't like my house I would never speak to them again or I would physically hurt them, and knowing that this happens somewhere (far away, possibly in another country) makes me want to stop talking to people forever." Yikes, crazy! I am glad I don't know anyone who is totally unable to maintain a friendship that includes at one point a mild form of conflict over likability of a material item.

Ew, I Can't Stand That! Design Allergies
6/26/12 09:50 PM

We were given a glider for our nursery, totally free, which was about what we could afford. It's cushion covers? STONEWASHED DENIM. Holy mother of god. Our reupholstery project can't come soon enough to save our burning eyes. Thanks for the inspiration!

10 DIY Glider & Rocker Makeovers
6/26/12 12:13 PM

- Poufy anything
- Cheap things that have a lot of detailing so that they will look more "fancy"
- Ikat print (actual woven ikat is awesome though)
- Kitchens that are themed around a farm animal (chicken, cow, duck)
- Totally square totally brick single family houses that look like municipal buildings
- Really dark rooms (either through poorly done predominant dark colors or through insufficient lighting)
- Wallpaper borders
- Sponge stenciling
- Painted over ceramic or stone surfaces
- Toilet seat covers, especially squishy vinyl ones
- Maroon or mustard yellow tiles, solid tiles with a stripe of patterned tiles, 4"x4" tiles in general, painted over tiles, tiles that are mostly all the same color but occasionally a random one is another color, obvious grout accidents on tiles especially around the bases of toilets, it's hard to even imagine anything this awful but alpine green tiles would probably be my nightmare scenario
- Toilets or bathtubs that aren't ivory or white
- Fiberglass bathtubs and shower stalls with a lot of "helpful shaping" on them
- Kitchen sinks that don't have a freakish capacity for never ever splashing onto your stomach when you do dishes
- Crappy cabinet doors (peeling, won't shut right, wobbly ass hardware)
- Messed up formica (bubbling, peeling, etc) or "wood print" formica
- Contact paper, although I am holding out for the designer that can make some that isn't totally sickening
- Everything in a room being square/rectangular/right-angled
- All switchplates in a room must match -- none of this crap where one is beige with scrolls, one is brown with columns, one is smooth and white plastic, and one is white enameled metal, one is wood with a curvy "country style" edge
- Tons of stuffed animals when you don't have kids living with you
- "Country style"
- "Lodge style"
- Anything quaint

This is by no means an exhaustive list for me but I have to take some deep breaths and read Dwell for a while now. Haha no but actually.

Ew, I Can't Stand That! Design Allergies
6/25/12 03:06 PM

I have a pretty standard guacamole strategy (that everyone seems to enjoy) but I do have a secret twist: I marinate minced raw vidalia onions in lemon or lime juice, rather than adding onions and citrus seperately. I also typically use campari tomatoes, cilantro, and cumin. Everything else is to taste or on a whim, but I like most of the salt to come from the chips -- salty guac makes me kinda queasy.

How to Make Better Guacamole: Tips from Two Food Writers
5/10/12 08:45 AM

It seems like people of my generation (X) value having an individual voice a little differently than boomers, and Gen Y seems even more like this to me. Not that boomers don't value it, but we just show it differently. Also, I suspect that we, on average, have a different response to gardens displaying ubiquitous plants, which is what tends to be available at most of the entry-level places. I don't really want a Nikko blue hydrangea next to my white New England cape house, and I don't want to sit in one of those white plastic chairs to look at it. But that's what you can get at the entry level type stores, thats what you can get on the salaries available to most of our age groups. I think that when Gen Y spreads their wings, they will have really cool gardens, really innovative, all different. This idea that we (X, Y) *don't* garden is just another "kids these days" curmudgeon-y thing. If this is a real thing that industry people are complaining about, I'd see that as an industry that can't adapt to the new market bitching and moaning because they don't get it. But is it really true that this is a complaint? Like, I see Williams-Sonoma launching their Agrarian stuff... and lots of people on Pinterest repinning their chicken coops! Are you telling me anyone thinks that interest is coming mostly from 60-70 year olds, and that the product launch is directed at them?

Where Are the Gen X & Y Gardeners? The Gardenist
5/4/12 01:59 PM

A crazy shape! High contrast! Something! This room is much nicer than any in my house, but it is SO neutral. It's like a politician who studiously avoids saying anything in particular.

Rug Color Suggestions for Living Room? Good Questions
5/3/12 08:30 AM

Interesting how polarized people are about this house. Personally, it's one of my favorites on AT -- it's all I can do not to creepily beg for a real live house tour (don't worry, I live in New England). I grew up with Sunset and a kind of longing for a mod aesthetic (but we made due with whatever was cast off and free). And my extended family had kitschy cottages up in Maine which gave me an appreciation for like, the linoleum you don't really want, but it's there, and after a while, you kind of start to feel like it's your buddy. Anyway, I love it, and I can't stop thinking about how bad I want TUBES behind every shelf I own!

Someone says this is their NIGHTMARE home?! Hahaha people are crazy dramatic!

Steve and Nancy's Vintage Sunset Inspired Home
House Tour

4/17/12 09:15 PM

Dear god finally someone else who loves bright orange as much as I do. PAINT THE WORLD!!!!!

Steven's Relocated Beach Cottage
House Tour

3/8/11 12:57 PM