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Method, Myers and some Seventh Generation

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Thursday Giveaway: Nettie Scrub Soap and Candle Gift Pack Los Angeles
9/4/08 11:34 AM

these are too cute! does anyone know who carries them in the states?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Most Delicious Pillows Ever From Bonjour Mon Coussin
4/2/08 05:28 AM

I love the chandelier print on the right. Does anyone know who makes it? Thanks!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Dark Blue Walls in the Bedroom
2/6/08 11:18 AM

I had bedbugs last year (I brought them back from a trip to China) and used Pest Away exterminating. In one visit the bugs were gone, however I had them retreat just to be sure. I foolishly threw out my original mattress and bought a brand new mattress which was in turn infested because the bugs weren't in the mattress they were hiding behind picture frames and possibly in my upholstered bedframe. You don't have to throw out your mattress, just cover it in a vinyl mattress cover and seal the zippers with duck tape, same for your pillows. The exterminater should then come in and cut a hole in the cover and pump chemicals into the mattress and reseal. But really in order to completely eradicate the bugs you have to do your part. I dry cleaned or washed every single item of clothing and bedding in my apartment and vacuumed every single day for over 2 months including all my furniture. Good luck. . .

Bedbugs Take Manhattan!
6/14/07 06:09 AM