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I'm sure it's different for every family, but we found we needed almost none of the regular baby stuff. We used simple outfits, a few flannel swaddling blankets, prefold diapers and wool covers, flannel wipes, a wrap to wear the baby, and a plain bouncy seat. When the baby gets older we had a booster seat that strapped onto a kitchen chair and also worked great for taking to restaurants.

With the first baby we got everything Babies R Us said we needed and didn't use any of it! Not the stroller, or the crib, or the swing, or the bottles...we just found we didn't need it all because the baby liked to be held/worn and to nurse all the time, and before we knew it she was past the baby stage and we hadn't used any of that stuff!

The Things You Don't Need for a New Baby | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
2/25/10 02:48 PM