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I don't get a lot of time to myself, but when I do, I clean the whole house without someone making a mess while I'm still cleaning. Most of the time, my Alone Time is when my husband is out with friends, and my daughter is in bed. Then I do quiet cleaning and then READ! I have had two such nights like this just this week, and I'm rereading the Harry Potter series. I just read for hours with my cat.

Home Alone: How Do You Like to Spend Time By Yourself?
8/1/13 12:53 PM

I work for a company that makes library software. Our software lets the library customize the number of books the patron checks out. It is typical to see it set at 50, 55, 80, 100 even. So, keep going!

The Best Black Plants The Gardenist
7/3/13 02:17 PM

Haha! DOG on the bed. :) Cute place. I like your turtle too. I also like the light cubes and all the different large shapes around.

Alex's Open Plan in Bilbao Small Cool Contest
5/20/13 02:32 PM

My god. The greenery and the legs on the furniture in this place. What a sexy home. Adorable couple all snuggled up so gentlemenly too!

Stephen & Robert’s Stylish Bed Stuy Pad House Tour
5/9/13 04:05 PM

Either, not tithe...oops

Eunice's Clean & Well-Lit Place House Tour
5/4/13 01:53 PM

Beautiful place. Do the owners or writers come up with the titles? Tithe way, love the hemingway story reference. Maybe he'd love the animal head even though it is fake. Anyway, very welcoming.

Eunice's Clean & Well-Lit Place House Tour
5/4/13 01:53 PM

Aw, I love the little unicorn in picture 8.

Olivia's Rental Loft in Venice House Tour
5/1/13 09:58 PM

WOW! I love it! This is the kind of place I'd live on my own. It is HOME!

Before & After:
Karyn's Island Bungalow Remodel

3/14/13 01:31 PM

The muting feature on Facebook is the best. It is like tying up and gagging someone that you can't bring yourself to remove - family, people you run into regularly, etc.

Social Media TMI: How Far is Too Far?
3/12/13 04:22 PM

Are we all going to ignore that giant BEAR in the living room? I love it. What is it? Footstool carved of wood? Plush?! What! I love it! It cracked me up!

Chris & Colleen's Small, Hip Family Home House Tour
3/12/13 02:51 PM

Oh I see that they're dvd towers from Ikea now.

Ryan's Woods & Water Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/7/13 04:57 PM

I always want my books in my room, but the layout of my house doesn't allow for it right now. I really like your very thin bookshelves. Share the source?

Ryan's Woods & Water Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/7/13 04:57 PM

I would like to know more about his cat-head-shaped cat bed.

Organization Inspiration: How to Keep Small Items Organized and Accessible Chez Larsson
2/7/13 11:10 AM

The link for the Note 2 cover leads to the Vault XV bag instead.

The Valentine's Day Tech Gift Guide
2/5/13 11:01 AM

I love this place. I love every little part, but I especially love that little fat lady figurine in image 6 of the slideshow!

Alex's Tribute to Her Travels House Tour
1/10/13 04:32 PM

Great start to what I think will be a great feature. I like the look he gives at 00:34 when he tells you that you can tell where the songs begin.

Vincenzo Amato:
My Favorite Thing Apartment Therapy Videos

11/7/12 04:03 PM

I feel a little claustrophobic looking at these rooms too...and allergic.

The Shoebox Inn: A Family Owned Vacation Home
House Tour

10/30/12 03:49 PM

I'd like a DIYer to inexpensively reupholster my chair-and-a-half plus ottoman in cat-proof material. I'm pretty crafty, but not that crafty.

DIYers! Tell Us...What's On Your Wishlist?
10/29/12 01:30 PM

I would love to have grown up here. My daughter would love it too. I hope your girls never tire of it. :)

Apryl's Technicolor Life House Call
10/25/12 03:25 PM

The sound the Penguin from Batman makes, the sound like the kid from the Grudge, dehumanized humans (cracky walking like from those creepy, Japanese horror remakes). I am creeped out by bugs with lots of legs, spiders, bridges. I like ghosts (and believe in them) though.

Eeek! What Are You Afraid Of?
10/19/12 03:48 PM