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You make a lot of assumptions - classic books do not mean drudgery. My children would love a collection of fairy tales, a good "Wind in the Willows", " Alice in Wonderland"...

3 Time Tested Tips: How To Choose A Book A Child Will Cherish
11/4/13 04:10 PM

Since when did Valentine's Day = Christmas. Enough with all the crap already!

Cut out a red frickin heart, paste it to a doily and send your loooooovee. with kisses if necessary.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Best of the Daily Find
2/12/11 02:04 AM

Aesthetically I love it -- especially the electronics disguises (I've always hated having to look at fax machines, computers etc.....)

Practically speaking (as one who knows and loves those "things") I would HATE the dusting & cobweb hunting.....

Cluttered Colonial Cabin on Avenue A The New York Times | Apartment Therapy New York
2/24/10 08:16 PM