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I totally disagree that there is no need for a shopping cart cover. All of the shopping carts at one grocery store in my area have damaged or missing straps and although I have spoken to management about it they have done nothing. If I did not have her shopping cart cover she would not be safe and I have seen damaged and missing straps at many other stores.

I am currently pregnant with my fourth child and I honestly don't see the point of this list. The situations described like putting the diaper pail on a balcony do not apply to my situation and would never work for me. I think most people should be smart enough to know what they do and don't need and from all the comments I think everyone develops their own opinions and they can really only be based on experience, not what someone else tells you is acceptable to them or necessary for them.

The Things You Don't Need for a New Baby | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
2/24/10 09:07 AM