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In Denmark, Ecover, has actually not been proven to be very Eco friendly. It contains perfume that is highly allergenic and has bronopol in it as well which is very polluting.

This means that it did not receive the Nordic eco-label, so I would really think twice before buying this again, if I were you.

Day 5: Buy or Replenish One Eco Cleaner
The 20/20 Home Cure

10/22/10 10:00 AM

One of my cats love all animal programs... if you put a pillow between her and the TV she moves so she can see better... I Love it... I wish she could tell me what she thinks!

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6/12/10 04:17 AM

Does any one know where the sidetable is from on pic 6?

8 Stylish Small Scale Sofas Roundup | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/11/10 03:08 AM

@peggy: the vases is the Swing vases from Normann Copenhagen, you can get them at Scandinavian Design Center.

@minimalist1: would love some good old danish design, such as Kjaerholm, but it is extremely expensive here, and you would never find it at a fleemarket.

Small Cool 2010: Allan's Danish Renovation International Division #8 | Apartment Therapy New York
4/11/10 01:55 AM

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@Abp: the coffeetable is from a Scandinavia interior shop, Ilva.

@jac7890: the backsplash is just mosaic (5x5cm) in cream color all over the wall. The picture do not capture it perfect, it looks amazing and no stripes!


Small Cool 2010: Allan's Danish Renovation International Division #8 | Apartment Therapy New York
4/10/10 03:08 AM

I hate that UO do not have these blankets avaiable in Europe... why only in the US... shame on you UO...

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4/8/10 03:47 AM

You should really check out the pictures from Danish HagedornHagen, who makes the most gorgeous pictures with butterflies and bugs. I have written about myself (only in Danish though!) but you can follow the link.


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3/25/10 07:03 AM

Does anyone know where the small black site table is from?

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2/24/10 03:24 AM