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If the majority of kitty/age injuries are on one side (inside-facing), you could turn the blinds around for a turn with the sun-faded face.

How To Replace the Fabric on Cellular Window Shades?
Good Question

9/18/11 02:00 AM

Perhaps a fireman's pole would cut the stair usage in half.

5 Lofty Ideas for Saving Space
8/16/11 02:50 PM

Lauren, thanks for posting this. I had an order from 20 months ago (when they were $10 each) that they hadn't yet filled due to manufacturing issues. Looks like they're still trying to figure out the price point for growth. Just called them and they bumped me to the top of the shipping list for next week, so they're a good small company that could use our support.
Time to get rid of the vampire USB chargers we've been using; from the site: "In addition, U-Socket's energy efficient design only outputs power through the USB port if something is connected to it. This can save you up to $25 per year in reduced energy costs. "

Space Saver: USB Wall Socket
8/10/11 01:29 PM

Thanks for the leg work, Michelle! I've now got a better vision of what my driveway orchard should really be.

Creating a Backyard Orchard
Dave Wilson Nursery

7/13/11 12:55 PM

Michelle, thank you for a timely article. I've got dwarf espalier apple next to my drive ledge; would this type of pruning apply so I can plant more espaliers close to each other? Or even staggered on the tree plane?

Creating a Backyard Orchard
Dave Wilson Nursery

7/12/11 04:35 PM

What about TSP? Is trisodium phosphate green? It works great for our 50-year-old greasy-walled home.

Painting a Room? How To Avoid Paint Bubbles
2/23/11 04:06 AM

Way cool tables, but $3,195 for each? So there is no more value in the "design with concerns for mankind's disruption of bird migration patterns and light pollution" than in the minimal version?

5 Awesome Dining Tables by Structured Green
2/23/11 04:01 AM

At first glance I thought the window was a door and I now see that you probably enter through the bottom of the water drop.

Raindrop Long Term TreeTents
2/1/11 05:14 PM

I hope our wool rug stops shedding as it's going on its sixth month in our home (plus a year from the previous owner). I'd love to hand it down to my grandkids.

Just Shorn New Zealand Wool
1/27/11 06:27 PM

Is it 8" around? I can't imagine a 13" rope attaching, with slack, to an 18" diameter bucket. They need to fix their etsy info.

BF Utility Bucket
Daily Find

1/24/11 07:08 PM

although it did garner them attention

Yay or Nay? Recycled Felt-Covered School Chairs
New York Magazine

1/14/11 10:43 AM

the misses wishes

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12/14/10 10:23 PM

killa slice

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12/14/10 10:22 PM

Great space filler for our pony wall between the stairs and living room.

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12/13/10 06:32 PM

We do homemade soups twice a week and have worn out three hand blenders. Sharper Image gets duller faster.

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12/13/10 06:31 PM

We're having our first girl after two awesome boys and need a refresh of the infant decor. This would be perfect!

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12/13/10 06:29 PM

More of a need than a want...

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12/13/10 06:28 PM

My nephew was a missionary in Bolivia, and when he returned he lavished all the beautiful hand-made clothing and blankets upon his immediate family. The craftsmanship is quite nice.

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11/30/10 01:00 PM

the first one is an overhead shot

Inspirational Small Spaces: Alternating Tread Stairs

10/14/10 04:35 PM