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satire? please, say it's so.

in the chance that it isn't... wow... where to start? there are so many stand-alone things that would be fantastic but KAPOW! any sense of coherence has been smashed until it is dead, dead, dead. why pile the large and overwhelmingly-white mirror and vases on top of the beautiful radio cabinet? why obscure the fabulous dining set under that enormous, yet totally unremarkable, arrangement? why mix up luscious velvety and silk (?) pillows with worst-of-goodwill-bins bedding and then put all of it up against creamsicle orange walls? is the close-up of the curled up lamp cord on the wall supposed to be evocative of the fern in the floral arrangement or is it that the copper colored cord is a shout-out to the "intergalactic" stencils? i'll just stop there.

why? why? WHY? juxtaposition for the sake of juxtaposition with no attempt at grace is ... blech.

the overall effect is dorm room/college group house hand-me-down beerstained mishmosh. all that's missing is a shelf of empty jägermeister bottles, a six-foot bong built into the bed, fairy lights and some half-burnt incense sticks stuck into the dead plant pot.

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12/9/10 02:57 AM

i know this is an old post, but it made me laugh... i just started painting my bedroom a beautiful red called "red delicious"... i'd finished one wall and felt nauseated, like something had been slaughtered in my room and i actually explained it to someone saying that i felt the walls were screaming at me! funny that you said the same thing... isn't it weird how we can have such strong visceral reactions to color?

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2/23/10 11:52 PM


those wooden flying woman figures are actually from bali. you can find them all over the internet, or at stores like world market/cost plus. you can also find animals...

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2/23/10 10:54 PM

gorgeous! LOVE the color and the birds.

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2/23/10 01:32 AM


Love the furniture... your room has so much potential. If it were mine, I'd:

* Move the chair/loveseat that is blocking the fireplace.

* Ditch the rug... it's visually uninteresting and so dark that it blurs the elegant lines of the furniture. It's a metaphorical black hole that's swallowing the furniture (and the energy of your room...). Since the carpet is creamy white, anything dark will create that same vortex effect, so like a lot of other people have already suggested, I'm thinking that a sheepskin/flokati type rug (in creamy white) will avoid the vortex effect while adding some interesting texture that contrasts with the furniture without clashing.

* I love vintage audio equipment so perhaps I'm biased, but the speakers don't bother me. Making the ginormous television the focal point of the living room does, however. Perhaps you can achieve some balance by building or adding a modern wall unit (or partial wall unit), around and above the television/speakers which could double as storage for your records/place to put your turntable, etc?

* Paint!! ASAP! :) With your furniture, I'm feeling partial to silvery/faintly purplish-undertoned greys. Red, turquoise, etc. would be so 80s and overwhelming, I think, with the black furniture. Sticking to warm-hued greyish or even pale blue-hued shades would be visually appealing, warm up the space and provide an understated, neutral background for art with punch.

* I agree with the poster above... plants in this space = blech, with the exception of a stunning orchid or two or a funky succulent arrangement, like the ones seen hanging in a glass bowl or something like the one in the link below. Anything else seems out of place with the overall look you're trying to achieve.

* Finally, in lieu of throw pillows add neutral floor pillows (in soft creamy shades to match your new rug :) !) and switch out the blankets for beautifully textured (aran or funky handknit lace) throw blankets in beautiful and elegant cashmere or mohair blends (or even acrylic, but make sure it is soft and textured and beautiful. Again, think contrast, not clash.

For what it's worth, that's my $0.07. ;)

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2/22/10 01:38 AM