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I grew up with 4 silblings in a very small older home in Texas. I never had my own bedroom or bathroom until after college. I usually shared a room with 2 other siblings and sometimes friends or cousins who would come stay with us as well. In comparison to my friends who grew up in a "traditional" American sense having their own bedroom, I think I have the advantage. These kids got to college and had to share tiny dorm rooms, etc. and were constantly stressed because they didn't know how to cope with someone else in their space. I flourished because I had gained the skills to respect others and live peacefully even if it seemed crowded. I think the size of a home does not matter to children at all as long as it is clean and happy and full of love.

Also in regard to certain size restriction laws in America, this is the explanation for this and before you chew me out for thinking I agree with them, let me assure you I don't agree, I just know how they work.

These laws are in place because many times illegal immigrants who come to the US will often live 15-20 people in a small 1 or 2 bedroom apartment because they can not legally get housing and this is their easiest option. I have personally seen a family of 16 people living in a 900 sq foot apartment.
So...the government uses this as a way to more easily monitor who is in the home and if they are legally allowed to reside there. Also many apartment complexes have allocated utilities where each apartment unit pays an equal share of utilities to the complex based on the size of the apartment. These will often do random inspections to make sure there are only a set number of people living in a certain space because it would seem to reason that 15 people living in a 2 bedroom apartment would use more resources than 2 people living in a 2 bedroom apartment.

Housing size is RARELY ever a factor when determining child neglect or abuse. Cleanliness and safety are generally the most examined. Worst case scenario a government agency would encourage the family to get a larger government aid house with more space, but would probably only do this if it was determined as a direct impact on the children.

Overall I think learning to manage living in closer spaces with family teaches children tolerance and vital social skills to adapt to new environments and to be comfortable and stress free in a variety of living situations.

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